Thursday, January 19

Bye Cadets (Again)

Today's best picture!!!

Anyway, today is super hectic. It's like I have no time to even have lunch, kidding. I went to school to school, still about the competition will be held in my campus next month. And today, we were with Lena around the town. Well, forget about the thingies.

Today was the last meeting with the junior cadets, maybe I will meet them next semester, if my working place still gives me the job Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

You can see the rest photos of today meeting with the junior cadets on my Qzone. If I still meet them next month, I really wish they are not like their senior. Seriously, I only hope that thing. Because it was quite torturing when I had the senior cadets class. I don't say I don't like them, I just wish that they can treat me in better ways.

For sure, I'll miss the junior cadets. Oh ya, have I told you that my schoolmate in high school is now being a student of mine in Transportation Academy? Yes, even from last year I found that some of my schoolmates became the students of mine, although I didn't teach some of them. It's weird.

Ah ya, compare this two pictures!

Why do I love the lower picture than the upper one? Can you tell me?
Seriously, I don't have any reasons.
I edited it just now and just magically in love with the lower one.

I plan to translate G.Na's song titled Banana tonight to my mother tongue, Tegal Language. Well, don't believe in what I'm planning because usually I cancel it with no reasons Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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