Tuesday, January 3

Hello 2012 !

Again, I greet you, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! Wish better than last year.
So, here is the first post this year. I should post it on the first day of January. But, for about two days I didn't touch my laptop. It only lied on my bed. I have many things to do. And started from today, days will be busy and I have no more time to even hang out because of working and campus thingy.

I just will post some snaps I took randomly since January 1st until today.

I took this picture once I get out of Swiss Bakery.My sister and I went there last Sunday.
When we entered the bakery, it hadn't rained yet, but when we were out it was raining hard.
And my eyes were like very shock to see the pole was like raking-pile. So, I initiated
to take the photo and ehm wish could see the pole fell (ah, my bad)
And minutes later..


Ya, it fell eventually!
Haha, I witnessed it fell.
About one minute before the pole fell, there was a car under the pole. And the parker asked him to move.

And this is for today

I'm enjoying avocado juice right now, bought it in Randugunting, fresh and cheap. Haha

I took it when I was buying feeding fish for my arwana. Then after that I bought kuaci for my hamsters.

That's all for now. Have a nice day all!
Ps: This week is exam week and will have very long holiday, but should work :(
Fine, have to work for BALIIIIIIIIIIIIIII :DD

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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