Wednesday, January 18

The Rest

Since I found that the internet connection is pretty well this afternoon, so I would post other photos I took this month, ignore the date. The first thing came out from my mind when taking the picture was I have to post it on my blog, the second one because I love taking random pictures.

Christmas Ornaments

Can't see clearly???

Kutang Beliung!
I can't believe that finally I wrote that word aaaaaaaaaaaa!
Do you what's the pictures?
Well, contact me for further information, lol

Remember that I told you last week I went shopping to Oke Doku where anything costs IDR 6000 only? Nah, now I'm giving you the snaps.

Icus was choosing something. I'm not sure, but think it was shower kit or bag, whatever.

I bought it

I brought them home! IDR 6000 each, so I just spent IDR 30.000.
A sunglasses, sandals, tumbler, nail polish, and tanktop.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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