Tuesday, February 21

2012 Wishlist

Bonjour mon amis.. Ça va?
Good morning, fellas.. I just woke up, yes I can wake up anytime I want because it's my period. But, remembering that I'll have thingies to do, so I woke up earlier.

It's gonna be special post since I'm posting my 2012 wishlist this february. I actually want many things, but I ended up pick these three wishes.

1. Visit Karimunjawa
I'm about to be obsessed with diving and snorkeling since I've heard stories from from those who have done it. So, the nearest one to do that is Karimunjawa, I think. Just need to find partners to go there, because my parents won't allow me reach there alone. Anyone?

2. Visit Lampung.
Why Lampung? It's gonna be 'termehek-mehek' trip. I will go there for looking for someone. No, not someone I love. It would be related to the future, as well, but not love. I've got the partners, just need to find the right time.

3. New camera, a DSLR better.
Another reason why I have to save my money like crazy, don't mean to be stingy. It's just another obsession, passion actually.

Aaaaaaaaa, why do I want so many things???

At lat I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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