Sunday, February 12

heyya fellas, it's a very quick post from me. I'm on my way to Bali. No, it's not a holiday. Well, say, it's a holiday and ehm.., school trip actually. Just realized that I'm blogging on the way like a boss.

I really want to tell you many things. But since I do have only little time for myself, I seldom blog thingies. I captured many photos, but have no time to upload it here. You know la, uppload photos here take forever.

I wa going on the way at about 9pm. And i just packed all my stuff at eight. I was so lazy packing all, not really interested in it actually because we have to make report after the trip. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Fine, no more bitching.
On the bus, we are playing Geisha's songs and Tia is now singing one of the songs. Honestly, I am not really familiar with Indonesian songs and bandss and artist recently.

Can't sleep, as always
moreover, people are still awake here.
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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