Friday, February 17

Eat, Pray, and Love

Yeah, finally I'm home now! Just arrived home about 5 hours ago, actually I wanted to blog once I step in to the house. But I was like still very sick and tired, so do it now.

This will be a special blog post, since I seldom speak up about l-o-v-e. Last time I write about it was like very long time ago. I keep thinking about this thing about two days lately. I believe that every girl believes in prediction about them. I mean, every girl loves magazine and mostly reads astrology thingies on it. And yes, girls would say that they will be very glad to believe in the positive predictions and ignore the negative ones.

Last night I was in Bali, as always I couldn't sleep and a friend of mine started making predictions by the cards. I did enjoy it. Everyone's love story was predicted and every story was exactly the same for everyone's real love life and me too.

When my cards were revealed, everyone was like "Omg, I never know that you can love someone this much!". Yes, they were shocked. I never tell anyone about my life story, but that time the cards did. And I just could say that from the night, I recalled the memories with the one I was predicted with. It's not the sweet one, the absurd one perhaps. Because I never know that I have ever had a life that happy, that wonderful.

I really would say that I didn't want to believe in that accidental-cards-revelations, but I say that maybe I believe, but still think that it's accidental.

People used to see me like I don't care with boys. I mean, I'm just too independent for them.

Two cards which always appeared in a series were spade and club. They appeared twice, but in opposite positions. Even my friend didn't know how to explain because they were just too opposite. She just found something like that appeared in my cards. Maybe something wrong with me and my love life, anyone??

I just can't handle my mind from thinking about it since then.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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