Saturday, February 18

Friends on The Ship

I found many friends. I love making friends, as long as I enjoy and both of us don't feel annoyed, either. Making friend is a piece of cake, the difficult one is making friendship.

There are friends who are easy to be getting along in happy time. And I'm looking for ones who can deal with me and my hard time, because you know that trouble is almost be my bestfriend since it's hard to find good friend in real life. I've found many kinds of friends and friendship stories.

My first friendship story began eight-something-years ago. My very first time loved new people and respect the stories in the name of friendship. I was like praise it in exaggerating ways, while I didn't know how others did with it. I was happy, but I don't really know how my feeling now when writing this post.

I think much what to write, because I don't want to bitch around here. I'm thinking and pick the best words to express, to explain. I don't want people see me as a childish girl, because I won't be a girl anymore in less than four months. I'll be a woman, very soon. So, I'm trying my best to change my writing style, not to change dractically and dramatically. Well, we'll see.

Friendship, cliche and complicated. I won't mention about how messy that friendship story I tell above. I just want to tell about how I'm currently thinking that my friendship story was not that precious. And I'm thinking who will be my true mate -beside the troubles-, how long I should wait for the right one. I keep wondering, wandering.

This post is like a measurement for me that I finally feel comfort with my life. Seriously, I do. I feel comfort when I don't know much about how people in my past nowadays live their lives. I feel comfort get along with myself and some new worlds around me, even with or without friends. I don't say I don't want to care about my past anymore, I just, think that my past takes my time and energy to think about even in my present and future. Let it be the past.

In university life, I still can't find the ones who I can say as my bestfriends, because I still haven't found yet. I just find them who I usually get along with, and I don't consider them as my close friends. I find some to share my happiness, but not my sorrow and past stories. I find some to share the laughter, but now the sob and tears. I find some to share fun, but not the love. Yes, maybe it's just me who is too complicated. I was born this way.

But currently I feel comfort with two young lady who often spend the time together. We were suddenly close -pretty close- since we had school trip to Bali. I won't mention who thy are. The one who predict my love story by the cards. And willy-nilly, they know my story. No, I eventually told them about it, because we were all read by the cards. Sooooooooooo, my hidden-love-story is not a hidden-love-story anymore.

Fine, it's Saturday night and everyone sharing love, dating, hanging out. But, here I am desperately writing a post about my kinky mind and my messy point of view about friend, ship, and stories.

Ah ya, remembering about a ship. Friendship is a ship which is full of friends. It is like, we are sailing around the ocean and suddenly trapped in trouble after hitting the reef. Then the ship starts to be sunk. Some will sacrifice their friends to keep alive by taking the canoe. And some will jump over the sea, alone. Some will stay and let the friends to take the canoe. Some will be panicking and ignore the situation around. Some will cry hysterically and let others keep paying attention on them pityingly. Some will blame anything around them.

My trip photos uploaded soon.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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