Saturday, March 3

Big Bang - Blue

I am currently listening to this song. It gets my heart, full of my heart.
I can keep listening to it for hours, play it for hundred times.
I'm serious.

I always love Big Bang, first Korean boyband I knew.
I always think that T.O.P is the hottest Korean male singer, rapper, artist, actor, whatever it is.

I always think that G-Dragon is the male version of 2NE1 CL.
The baddest leader.

I love YG for having those great singers.

I'm singing my blues
I never know that Big Bang can make a song like this.
I feel like there is an empty space in my heart and yeah, this song fills it.
Or, by listening to this song, I know that I have an empty space somewhere inside.
Although I don't know the meaning, sure I don't.
That's not a big deal.

The first time I listened to this song was when a radio station played it one day
after it was launched.
And I was pretty sure that it is Big Bang.
I could be that sure because of their voices, very special.
I know very well which part sung by every member.

Seungri's damn soft voice, calm me down.
T.O.P's voice is terribly sexy! It makes him hotter.
Daesung's voice, voice I know very well. Even I didn't know that it is Big Bang at first.
But, I know that it's Daesung's voice.
GD and Tae Yang, no words to describe how awesome they are!

Ps: This song does fit me!!!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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