Tuesday, March 13

Kuta Beach and Nail Art

It's time for Kuta Beach and My very first nail art experience.

I hide the camera behind my sunglasses, again!

Nail art time!
Once the nail-artist opened her bag, I was like "God!"
The nail polishes reminded me of mine at home

Sun to the set, yea dear, it's sunset time!
Not really sunset actually...

I want youuuu
I need youuuuuu
I love youuuuuuuuu

Alright then, it's showing off time! My nail art..
There was a story behind the nail art on my fingers and toes. So, the nail-artist firstly asked to pay 50k for 10 fingers. Then the bargaining happened. I said I would pay 10k, ok it's a bit fierce to pay in that price. She said 30k, I said ok 15k. The last, she offered 30k for fingers and toes. I said no, 20k for my nails. And we ended up in 25k for fingers and toes. It's worth it I think.

First, I can learn how to do nail art. She use thorn of hedgehog to draw the flowers. And I did French nail art (she said). I was like very amazed seeing the way she did my nails. It was not as complicated as I do at home, because I never success doing it.

See see see, love it!

The nail art lady!
She's very nice and felt so comfort talked about nail and polishes with her, since
I found no one has the same hobby like me here.

Beautiful, isn't it?

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog

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