Sunday, May 6

The Hectic Week

I never really imagine that I would have undergone this such busy days. So many things that I should be absent from mid-term test which was held for couple weeks, but I'll attend the test tomorrow and contact the lecturers soon for additional test.

Last Tuesday -when I should be at campus doing the test-, I went to Salatiga for NUEDC Kopertis 6 Debate. Yes, it feels like  I'm back to high school time where I used to get along with debate thingies a lot. But now, it's like I'm not I was who was trained to debate anytime it's needed. I need to work hard now to find the spirit, and I swear it's not easy. I know right.

I went there with two friends and two lecturers. Photos updated soon. I was in Salatiga for three days, Tuesday-Thursday. And once I got home, I had to help my sister's wedding preparation since it was held last Friday and Saturday. I just had my free time today and used half of my day to sleep. Yes, it's the time where I think that I really need to be like a bear, hibernating. After waking up, still bunch of things are waiting to do.

That's why I name it a hectic week, because it's terribly hectic. As I don't do house chores often, meaning that I never really had myself doing house chores in my entire life, I easily get tired of them.

Well, need to take a rest. It's going to rain very soon and feel so hot here. How's your weekend, people?
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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