Monday, May 14

It's A Bad Girl Day

It's a bad girl day. I admit that I'm a super bad girl today who asked for permission to go to campus but ended up karaoke with my fellas.

I just could enjoy the karaoke time on the last 30 minutes because I wasn't in the mood since there was such a disaster news I have to face first. No need to tell here, ok, maybe later when I have had proper words to pick, because I swear if I tell you now, it will seem like it's a nasty post due to rude words I write. So, forget it all and enjoy the day.

I spent my day with my fellas till the evening, many things to discuss. Ehm, actually many people we have to discuss, we call it sharing, but I'm sure it's called 'ngrasani'.

Happy Tuesday!
I'll start my day by skipping Listening class and go to the bank. Then go to campus asking for writIng exam I haven't joined.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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