Saturday, June 2


Last week, yes, exactly last week! Well,

I won Speech Contest on ESAWEEK held by UNNES, as the 2nd Runner Up. But, for every story behind the trophy, I just can say "Thank God! You granted my wish."
I won't say too much, here are my partners in crime!

Entut and Pesek
Me and Entut


Me and Atun

They were my partners when I was in Bali as well. Atun was the one who can read love story through cards *wink*.

I went to Semarang with Pesek in midnight because we were left by the train in the afternoon, yes we were late. So, we took another train which is in midnight. We were stand-by in the train station since 11pm, thus we won't be left anymore. Once we arrived in Semarang, Tawang, we had our super early breakfast in a soto stall and asked the seller to have a rest there until we were picked up. It was 4am in the morning and we waited there with no good news, and at 5.30 we decided to take a cab to Pesek's friend's boarding house. On our way, our lecturer told us to go the place where my campus gang stayed.

And blah blah blah.

I was the last one. And it was miracle that I could
go to the next round, because I forgot some parts during I delivered
my speech.
My last breakfast before went home.

I never had this kind of trip where we had to go along the alleys to find hotel to stay, walked from one place to another place, took wrong way, felt velly rich and velly needy at the same time, took public transportation with uncountable numbers.

I learned a lot!
However, I've proven that I'm the winner no matter what happened behind. I'm the Black Swan.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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