Friday, June 1

In Love with May

It's more to be a habit for me to write when I'm not feeling well. Emotionally, I'm not in good condition, but today is so much better than yesterday since it's my month.

It was a very unforgettable month. Everyday was very tasty and something new happened. I felt the feeling I only have ever experienced when I was in high school. Not love feeling, but terrible feeling. Feeling when I was afraid to go to school to meet certain people, yes I felt it again. I was afraid to go to campus to meet some people. It was like phobia to face the day. Cried when the night came, alone. Encourage myself that nobody can treat me that way. I'm independent! I never really care with anything happened actually, except it was so unacceptable. Umi said that she didn't want to see me causing trouble like when I was in high school. I did. I did what she wanted, although really wanted to say NO. I'm a good daughter. I don't want to see my mom worrying me, again.

May, seriously no days for me to be relax.
1-3 May went to Salatiga for NUEDC
4-5 May Devil's wedding
6 May Pesek's Birthday
have a rest for about two weeks without any special events
The rest was like a shit.

I'll tell in different posts for different events.
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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