Saturday, June 9

Not Saturday Night

Today I did therapy again, with my mom. And yes, it is Saturday night. I don't mean to say that I don't like tonight, but it is pretty annoying to see the street going insane. What's so special from Saturday night?

Well, perhaps I'm being single for decades and I can't enjoy Saturday night which is 'something' for every couple here. The only thing I love from Saturday night is that I will see Sunday morning very soon, that's it. I usually go home late, pass every road calm. I enjoy my every night in the street due to anything I do, working, campus, hang out. But, please, not Saturday night. I would do spend my Saturday night at home if it was not for therapy and surely I would say "I like it!".

I did feel eerie while I was riding my motorcycle seeing the street condition. I saw kids riding motorcycles freely, without helmets, non stop horns, I can't help it. Kinky. I swear, when I have children, I won't let them ride any motorcycle before they are 17. It's kids! Where are the policemen? That's my question everytime I see this thing.

I don't  understand why people hang out a lot on Saturday night. I can hang out every single night, so tonight is not that special. Maybe they are very busy and just have tonight to be freed.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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