Tuesday, June 5

NUEDC Kopertis 6 - 1

Yes, as I promise on the previous post. Here is the report of the first may event happened in my life, exactly a month ago.

Ehm, doesn't it look like a submarine??

If I'm not mistaken, it is when I was in Ungaran Highway.
I swear, I never saw such this view before.

The latest night in Salatiga, we ate out for seafoods

Left to right:
Tika (partner) - Zahra (roommate) - Vika (partner)
And anyway, thanks to Le Beringin Hotel :)

Mutiara Hotel
The lecturers stayed separating with me and my partners.

I forgot the exact time.
But here is the hall where we spent most of the time for
motion launched and exhibition and etc etc

They are my Lecturers!
Miss Lya and Mr. Sanday.

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