Monday, June 25

Today, Special Day

Hari ini Abah Velayati ulang tahun. Besok Miss Lya ulang tahun.

Today was a bit exhausting. It was the last meeting of EYL class. I still have things to do. Next week will be week, but I can't focus on it. Last Wednesday, my group had successfully started our debut on campus exhibition with our product, Lady Bug. Actually we had started last Monday when there was theater performance in Gedung Wanita. And next Saturday we will do the next step to promote our product in another place. The thing that makes me can't focus on my final exam is there will be tests when we should be in another place to do other things. But thanks God, I was born to be multitask-ed.

So, today Pesek and I helped Miss Lya finished the exam thingies and as the reward, she treated us dinner, haha. During the dinner, Pesek and I talked about Man and Saturation Point. Meaning that the saturation point when he waited for the girl to give her heart. Once again, I realized something which is super duper extra late. And I just could sigh.

Tomorrow, again, Miss Lya will treat us karaoke. Sing song sing song!
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

Mood: Tired.
Song: The Veronicas - In Another Life.

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