Monday, July 23

Happy Family

I don't know why I'd love to tell about my family because it is pretty much interesting recently.

Today I got a niece, my sister just gave birth about two hours ago. But she's not here, she's in Sulawesi now. So, I've got a nephew and a niece already. After giving birth, my sister called home, well, actually hours after the birth, my sister called us. And when I talked to her, I just could scream and said "Congratulation" for many times. And I teased my nephew because now he has a sister already, thus he can't be spoiled anymore. Yesterday was my mom's birthday and one day after, she got a priceless gift from her daughter from afar.

Another story and now it's about my parents, romantic silly couple. Days ago when we were watching a TV program, there was ehm, a romantic yet unpredictable conversation in our family room.

Abah: Eh, kuwe anake AA Gym...
Umi: Endi? Dih, daning ora ayu (nongol dari kamar Ichan)
Abah: Ayu tah relatif

.......... beberapa saat kemudian
Veli: Yawis. Karo umi ayu endi hayoh???
-Pada ngakak-
Abah: Yaaaaaa (cengar-cengir)
Abah: Ya ayu Umi yah. Gawe dudu artis be ayu
-Tambah pada ngakak-
Veli: Yes! (gaya yes!)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa how sweeeeeet!!! I swear, that's the sweetest thing my dad ever said in front of us about mom. Or perhaps, I just remembered that because it was the newest one *Grin*

I told you, I have a very perfect couple called parents. They are my favorite one. They are silly, romantic, the best ever! They are everything!

How come I have this perfect family and I rarely realize it?
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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