Monday, July 30

Veli Veli

Yesterday I was with my family hanging out while we were waiting for Maghrib. We decided to go to mall and bought some outfits for Ichan and Anin. When I was with Anin (My cousin, a three-year-old girl), there was a cute girl maybe about two years old wanted to get along with Anin. Then I told Anin to introduce her name, but unfortunately she was a bit shy. So, I asked the cute girl what her name is. Her grandma answered a very shocking, yet surprising name. Well, the conversation was like this:
Me: Namanya siapa?
Grandma: Namanya Veli, tante...
Me: Loh? Ini Veli *nunjuk muka sendiri* *ketawa*
Grandma and her family: *laugh*

What a coincident! So happy that my name is still exist right now and never sounds outdated *grin*
My sister came to us and I told her that it's Veli and this is Veli. And again, she laughed. I told my family then, they laughed.

Oh, another thing happened exactly two weeks ago. Me and Mas Seta helped Miss Anin (My Lecturer) and Miss Lya on KKG meeting in Adiwerna. After the event, we had lunch in a warung soto in Talang. While we were waiting for our meals, there was a bencong coming, sang like crazy. At that time there was Miss Anin, Miss Lya, Mas Seta, Mas Imam, and Me. Guess what, it's not the men who were afraid of the bencong, but me. I was almost running and hid under the table if Miss Anin didn't hold my hands tight. Moreover, I almost cried hysterically.

After the bencong away from us, I had to calm down myself., because I really am afraid of that kind of creature. Mas Seta and Mas Imam were confused why I was like that. It should be them who are afraid of bencong, most of the time men are afraid of bencong. But why me?

I don't know. Perhaps my phobia to bencong still has co-relation with my phobia to clown or ondel-ondel. I have no idea to answer any questions come up then.

How's your fasting days? Mine were quiet amazing since I just did it again today after having my period for about a week.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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