Wednesday, August 29

Way too late

OK OK, blame me for losing my appetite in writing. It's been long time since the last time I wrote a real blogpost with thousand words in it. On my previous posts, perhaps I should say that they are not real blogposts, I just talked a bit about things which were really unplanned. I'm just too random that can't live with plans.

Firstly, I say "Minal Aidin wal Faizin"
So sorry if I made some errors with my posts, rude words, offensive sentences, and sometimes sarcastic. I wrote what I wanted to write. I'm a type of person who say first and think later, and vice versa. So, just deal with one of those personality and figure out which one shows more. No no, I don't have multiple personalities. It's just, I'm too Gemini. Yeah, I made another excuse for my mistakes.

So, how's life? How did you spend your Eid Mubarak Days?
Do you still get pecingan from your parents? or other older people?
Haha, honestly, I still got it. Yes! Yes! Wooooooooooooott!

But since I'm a heavy spender, Yes, I have spent it all in one week. I'm so cooool. No lah! I can't control myself. Truth be told, it's better for me not to have too much money if I still can't change myself in this case.

This Eid Mubarak seemed so much different for me. I'm talking about sad things now. I miss someone a lot that I sometime cry when I'm praying or just alone. Someone I won' ever meet anymore. My aunt, I do miss her. She's the closest aunt I have. She will always live in my heart no matter what.

And my Eid Mubarak days also different without my sister who is now far away from me, separated by the seas and islands. Ah, lebay. Thanks to internet and other things that still can make us communicating each days.

Oh, as always, days after Eid Mubarak I visited my teachers when I was in high school, Mami Emwe, Mami Indri and Mami Arif. Mami Arif is now pregnant. Me and Twins visited them last Sunday. But we added another new member on our visitlist, BU BAWON. We visited her, yeay!! Nothing happened just sensational! Met her was like we met out friends, we talked like friends, gossiped like friends. Ah, how great life is. At that time, I think past is a nice place to visit and stay for some time.

And yesterday I met Pep and Rora. Before Eid Mubarak, I also met them and had buka bersama. Talking about lat night, we had our dinner at Anak Ayam them we went to Alun-Alun because Rora kept asking us to accompany her buying Tahu Gejrot. Ok ok. We went there and had some walks around the square. Our last destination was Rora's house and we gossiped, no no, discussing actually. We planned something for next February and We wish it may come true. Our upcoming plan is like a gambling. Just wait and see. I have written it on my agenda and I will make it true, Amen.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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