Sunday, September 16

Let Me Break The Egg

Huahahahaaaaa, yes finally I break the egg!!! Akhire endoge mecah!!!

I just got home from Balai Kota where I finally started to be a nail artist for real! Today I designed three persons' fingernails, and one of them was a three-year-old girl whose parents really obsessed to make her daughter's nails painted. But the girl just wanted to grab all of my polishes. Well, kids.

I went there exactly the same time like last week and walked here and there, asked some people whether places near their stands are available or not. Then I got some rejected. So, I got mine near my uncle's warung soto at first, and Ibu Tukang Kupat Bongkok told me to move to somewhere more crowded. It's a good one, not showing the exit door. She told me that the place I chose was not crowded enough and people rarely pass that way. So so, I moved.

The first client was the one I saw before in a nail art store behind PM. She recognized my face. Oh, I think I haven't told you my other nail art experience. Maybe later. She's nice and pretty. She chose this one
Ombre Blue Leopard

I offered her if she wanted to choose other colors, but she insisted on those blues. So, I worked on it.

The second one was a young woman with quite difficult fingernails type to handle. She has very short nails on her right hand and long ones on her left hand. She chose flowery design. But she wanted base color which was Jade. So, I had to use my brain optimally and chose colors to match the base color. Yeah, challenge accepted! I chose Red Violet, Gold, and Silver.

While I was painting her nails, the three-year-old-girl I told you and her parents kept waiting me and she almost cried. Her dad borrow nail cutter from me. So, he cut her daughter's nails while waiting. I painted her nails then when I was waiting for the young woman nails dried. It was like kill two birds with a stone.

Some high school girls wanted me to paint on their nails, but their nails will make me in trouble if I did it. So I gave them homework to make it a little bit longer in one or two weeks and asked them to come again later.

I'm afraid that next week I won't be there, because I have something to do. Yeah, holiday! Not so far actually. Posted again later.

My weekend is kinda amazing! Wish this one gets better and better. Amien.
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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