Saturday, September 29

Show OFF

Those are my nails last week. I played with the colors and the sponge, and voila! The rainbow something nails!

Oh anyway, the thing I held is my current mobile phone, china brand phone. Gosh, it's even I never had Nokia in my entire life and now I use a china brand phone. That's my nephew's phone actually. Mine was broken since last May. I dropped it and it died.

It is now being fixed in Sony Ericsson Center Semarang, two weeks ago Twins helped me brought it there. I miss my phone :(

It was like, my very first purchased phone and I dropped it with no mercy, accidentally deng. The good point is that since I bought it with my own money, my parents couldn't complain me or scold me for being that careless.

Oh, and the amazing feature of china-brand-phones is that they can hold up to four SIM cards in one phone. It's beyond imagination. But I only use one number and another number for my another phone. That red qwerty phone, even the brand is so unfamiliar! Oh well, it's better than nothing.

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