Monday, October 29

2NE1 and MAMA 2012

I visited MAMA site to vote 2NE1 and other artists and I find these

Yes, that's CL's Style Profile.
Not to mention that she has fabulous style, and I worship the ground walks on her fashion taste!
And also never forget that other 2NE1 members are amazing as well.

Anyway, vote for 2NE1!
This is how my award goes to . . . .

My bias is of course YG Family.
Started from 2NE1, Big Bang, PSY, even the group I don't know named Epik High.

Come on sisters and brothers, oppa, eonnie, hyung, ahjussi, ahjumma
VOTE for YG Family!!

Anyway, for some catergory like best dancer or what (I forgot the category) where there are no YG Family, I chose MBLAQ or Sistar, change like every time I Login because I just want to make sure that It's fair enough since I love both, so I share my heart for MBLAQ with This is War and Sistar with Alone (Nahonja).

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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