Tuesday, October 30

Bonus Post - Tanah Lot

This is not a blogpost

Morning fellas, this is a bonus page from my trip to Bali last February. And I think I still have other bonus pages as I remember that I haven't uploaded loads of photos I took during the trip. So, I present to you: Tanah Lot.

Ok. Ready, No?
I love these things

When I was in Bali, there were these kinda things anywhere,
in any street we passed in the village, in front of people's houses.
Mbok Rake said that it was because harvest time just has just come.
If it is in Java, people have something like that in front of houses where the wedding is held.
How rich our cultures are!

In a T-shirt store right before Tanah Lot

Ended the trip with ice cream, anyone??

I wish today to be as lovely as yesterday. Bank, Campus, Socializing, Working, Working, and take a rest. Life is never flat.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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