Wednesday, October 24

I Miss This . . .

I never admit that High School period is the most beautiful time among all. I always said that Junior High School is the safest time of all. No Hatred, no ambition, nothing serious.

But today, I have to give up and admit that I Miss My High School period. Yes, I miss that. I used to hate my high school time because it was like no days without shit happened. Especially when I was in 12th grade. Since the invasion of the monster toward my day, it was completely shit. It was like double shits.

Yes, it was not that shit when I try to figure out how great it was in creating me and my great personality Tuzki Bunny Emoticon. Pardon me.

Anyway, I write this sentimental thing because these couple days I got assignment to do observation in a school. Then my group chose to visit an International Standard Vocational School near the town. Since two days seemed to bring all the memories.

Like how it felt when I have to wear uniform everyday. It was torturing, but right now I miss it.
Like when skip the class was like a sinful thing. It was annoying, right now I want to feel it. Maybe because in university nobody cares you are present or absent. But dang! The score gotta shock me when I skipped my class too often.
Like, how I miss that free hotspot in my high school. Be the last one went home, even Pak Agung told me how to turn on and turn off the wi fi in the teachers room. Wow, freedom!
Like, I miss to greet Mr. Principle who greeted the students like every single day in Anjungan. And sometime that unexpected person stood beside him. Ah, nightmare. I wanted to run and skip that scene, but it was impossible.
Like, I miss everything like hell!

I wish I have that time machine Tuzki Bunny Emoticon. Amen

Ah, sudahlah.
Anyhoo, I still have loads of assignments to do. Have a great Wednesday nigh, peeps!

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At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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