Monday, October 1

Week 3: I Insist...

Hey, how's life? Great huh?

Yesterday I almost woke up late, and if I woke late it means that I would work late as well. I heard the alarm rang. I managed my alarm to ring like every-something-minutes. But I couldn't avoid my hand to reach it and pressed the snooze button and gave excuses for me to take a snooze. Til I realized that Umi knocked my room's door like there was fire burning our kitchen. So, welcome to the reality.

Fortunately I had prepared myself for this kind of circumstance, so I put anything I would probably need for Sunday morning a day before. It means that I had prepared my stuff on Saturday, because I knew that something like waking up late late or other technical things may happen. I saved my day!

Again, Hani accompanied me but yesterday I gave her many tasks to do. Since my sister sold purses for girls, I asked Hani to serve the buyers. When there was no buyer, sometime I requested her to open or just close the nail polish bottles I would use or I just used.

I met many people through this job. I heard many stories and I widely open my mind to understand the situations. I met costumers who would be glad to have conversation with me, on the other side I should met those who will be quiet and answer my questions reluctantly. I met those who were very curious about nail art and how I started it. I will happily answer, I did, and I will do. I told them how I have been in love with this world I'm within in since I was in Junior High School and explore more after I had my first nail art experience when I went to Bali. Even sometime I don't know that I can be that kind of all right person.

My last costumer was a young mother of one kid. She used to wait for about three more costumers before I went doing her nails. She asked for my phone number and promised to be back again without her kid. She did back. I thought, wow, how amazing this nail art job. It can make women feel forever young, beautiful, and amazingly different.

Most of them are bored with just plain colors on their finger nails. I thought that's why I am there.

And hey, I never knew that I am that famous (narcissistically) til a football jerseys seller next to parking lot cracked joke that he asked me to do nail art on his nose. And I just laughed hearing that.

All I need was just one first costumer to make other women looked at my stand. Of course lah! Mostly I did nothing when people just pass through my stand just like I wasn't exist. Then the opening costumer came from somewhere and people suddenly wondered and curious. From that moment, I gained more costumers.

I think I had perfect weekend yesterday. I went home at 11 and had meeting with my working partners (another job) at one to discuss our upcoming projects. We ended up the meeting by karaoke-ing treated by Mba Nana who just had graduated last week. But I went home earlier with Novika since we had other things to do. I went back home because Dinda and Dika had been waiting for me. Yeah, working again.

It's Monday and will be tiring. Have a nice Monday, peeps!

PS: Quietly I changed my blog url
There is no more vellybluey, it's vellycious!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting blog.

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