Wednesday, October 10

Week 4: Take Me Home

I should've posted it since last Sunday, but excuse me for enjoying the reality and forget this place for a while.

So, the title is Take Me Home, because it was really taking me somewhere. It's Velly Vuntastic! As what I do routinely every Sunday morning, I went to Balai Kota and buka lapak there. It was really, really crowded that day. As the anticipation, I asked Hani to buy me fried noodle not far from my lapak, because last week I had my breakfast at 11am which was properly called Brunch than normal breakfast. I have to eat well and on time, or I will feel something wrong with my digest system.

Once I got the noodle, I finished it and waited for the costumers coming. One hour.... Two hours.....

And finally my first costumer came, the fussy one. Oh, do I really have to deal with this kind of costumer? Yes, you do, Vel! Since I was there to service them and not being myself who can have conflict with anyone I meet, so just serve them well, quick, and they will go as soon as you wish. Haha, no. I'm not that mean.

I can deal with anyone actually, even the worst. You know, I'm cooler than the ice cube. Just be nice and everything (hopefully) will be okay.

The amazing effect of the first costumer is she can bring other costumers til I feel I wanna run away from my lapak because they always want to be in the first place. I do the first costumer nails, and the people who are walking through my lapak will see the beautiful thing named nail art on my costumer's nails and stop for a while, look at the display pictures, choose one, and finally they order one. It happens every single week!
So, I can simply say that all I need is a first costumer who will open the gate of the awkward moment where I just look at the people passing by my lapak without even look at me.

Last Sunday, I got 8 costumers, 6 at Balai Kota and two-take-me-home-costumers. Usually, when they feel satisfied will my work on their nails, they asked my phone number and popped a question, "Kalo dipanggil ke rumah mau mba?"

Heck! I feel like I'm something. Haha, Novika's term is cewek panggilan. Not only in this job, ya that's the truth. But the term sounds negative, doesn't it? I'm just fine with long as I'm not doing something bad.

My jobs really matches with the terms. Tomorrow I'll start teaching in an Elementary School as a speech trainer. I just finish the text minutes ago. I got the call last week from Mba Nana. She offered me the job and this is temporary one but really promising. I can do bargaining about the fee by myself and independently work for myself. How happy life is when I can work for myself and go here and there to meet new people.

Back to business, the Take-Me-Home-service. Haha really, it sounds so bad. Ok, I make it clear. I don't do something bad. It's just nail art service in your home, well, my costumer's home.

Last Sunday was kinda exhausting day. I went home at 10.30am, and 30 minutes afterwards I went to Slawi to Miss Lya's house because her grandpa passed away. I went home at 1pm-something. Then I got a message from my client, she asked whether I could come to her house. Well, just do it, girl! It's gonna be new experience for your career in your new job. I prayed, had my lunch, took a rest for minutes (laid on the floor), then at 2.15pm I went finding her home with Hani. Yes, and I lost like many times since the address is very unfamiliar for me. But I found it eventually.

Firstly she did for herself, then her neighbor saw and yes, girls' eyes are very dangerous. So, I got a nother client coincidentally.

Actually since I was in Slawi I planned to do creambath once I reached Tegal, but I really had no time, even till this day. I just did hair mask at home two days ago, but seriously I need creambath! :(

Back to topic!
I went home at 5pm. Took a rest for one hour and taught the kids since on Monday they would have mid-term test. And I went to bed exactly at 8pm. I slept. It's magic for me! 8pm, saudara! It's record!

Oh, in Balai Kota I do not only offer nail art service, but I also sell nail polishes and also nail polish remover. Beside having my own small business, my sister also sells purses through me. So, I sell nail polishes, nail polish remover, purses, and nail art service.

I plan to do manicure once I have money, because I think I need to be able to do that since a client ask for manicure and pedicure at home but I still refused it because even I never do it in my entire life.

In Balai Kota, when I waited for clients, a girl asked the purse price. Oh, I thin it's better to illustrate through conversation.
Girl: Itu dompet berapa mba?
Me: Oh, itu tigalima
Girl: Kirain sepuluh ribu

I didn't blame her for bargaining. I just blame her face expression and also her tone. It sounds ridiculous. I hate it. If I were not there to service the buyers, I would've have scolded her for doing that to me. I told my mom about that and she easily replied, "yawis, sing penting barange ora digawa ka". "Ya dudu moni kaya kuwe, tapi ya expresine ngejak gelut nemen yakin miiiiiiiiiiiiiii" << tipe anak suka bikin ribut.

Yah sudahlah, lupakan. Saya masih punya PR. Tapi mau saya kerjain besok aja, pagi-pagi.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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