Monday, October 15

Week 5: Be More Patient

Running a business is absolutely not easy. I have so many ideas that I can't help it. When I do one thing, I'm completely thinking about what's the next step I have to do. I don't wanna leave something incomplete and jump to another path. It's still in the same way to go to my big dream, but there are times when I can't wait for so long time. The only is to be more patient than I've ever been.

I have to say that today made me felt a bit disappointment. I just underwent a quite hard day. Business didn't go as smooth as I wished. Since last week I got the highest number of clients, so this week I wish to get more. It was like facing the turning point when I found it was like nobody interested in my stuff. Honestly, it was out of the expectation.

I just did five fingers of a woman. Five. Yes, F-I-V-E. It means one hand only. I still am very grateful for that. At least, I served one. Then one loyal client sent me message asking me to do her nails. She wanted to change the design. It saved my day, cured the wound. Haha, fine, I'm exaggerated!

But it's true! It was like rain finally comes to the desert.
So, officially today I painted on one-and-a-half-pair of hands.

Someone asked me how much the profit I got from this small business. Me, myself, and I honestly don't know how much it is. Because I never really calculated. I spend the money I got on Sunday morning to live in the next Monday-Saturday. And on Sunday, I dig for another living for a week. That's how I live by now.

I try to save, try hard to save my money. But, I failed successfully!
I have a plan to go to the bank and save money I got every Sunday, spend fewer for unimportant things, save more. But since this week was kinda twisted, so I postponed my plan. Maybe I can do it next weeks.
As I have big dreams to pursue, I have to save a lot and make it true with my own effort. I have gotten into debt already, and have obligation to pay it. My parents lend me some extra money when I need to buy stuff for nail art. I think they know that I will pay it, but someday, or perhaps little by little. Seriously, I've asked for a lot from  my parents. Since I'm jobless, that's what I can do to make my small business runs well. Oh, how generous my parents are! I'm so moved....

Anyway, how's your weekend?

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