Friday, October 26

Week 6: We All Feel It

I should have been posting it last Monday at last, but postponed and postponed and postponed til I will meet Sunday again soon.

For six week, or simply say I have 1,5 month doing nail stuff every Sunday morning in Balai Kota til I realize that some people in my surrounding have recognized me doing something there already. A cleaning service in Telkomsel greeted me in one morning and asked whether I earned a lot. And days ago, a woman in my campus asked about my existence in Balai Kota every Sunday morning.

Honestly, there's no feeling embarrassed or something when people know what I'm doing. For some people, it won't be easy to be found doing what I do, sitting in Balai Kota every Sunday morning, waiting for one's coming to my lapak, selling stuff. I feel those feeling when people's eyes do not even look at me, when those underestimating eyes looking at me, but for sure, I'm fine.

It's just the beginning. If I'm not successfully passing this phase, I won't be able to jump to the next steps which are harder than this one I'm undergoing.

We all feel it, that's the title of this post.
The story began when I bought cilok in Balai Kota, about 2-3 meters from my Lapak. Then I will illustrate through conversation to make it easier.
Ibu Cilok: Lagi sepi yah nok
Me: Eh, iya bu...
Ibu Cilok: Biasane tah rame yah
Me: Iya, hari ini cuma nglayani dua. Emang ibu juga sepi?
Ibu Cilok: Iya oh... Kalo sepi satu ya sepi semua
Me: Tanggal tua kali yah bu, jadinya sepi

I thought it was just me who felt that krik krik earning money. But since I had conversation with that Ibu Cilok, I realized that perhaps everyone in Balai Kota felt what I was feeling for multiple times.

Yes, my eyes widely opened and I realized it since two weeks ago or I said last week if the story was about last Sunday, that the condition of Balai Kota two weeks in a row seemed not as crowded as the Week 4 or less. Moreover, last Sunday was cloudy and drizzle happened for minutes. I guess people were too lazy to step out of the blanket. So, they took a nap for another minutes.

I didn't prepare for that drizzle or even raining condition. No umbrella, no extra plastic, no raincoat, well I keep raincoat in my motorcycle. The good point was all my stuff packed in waterproof box, so I should not worry about it. Since I love rain, although it was just drizzle, I sat in my lapak, enjoying every water drop.

I saw an accessories seller was preparing his lapak meters in front of my lapak, then he cleared up his lapak for drizzle, then he went somewhere I didn't know. While I just sat. Minutes later, the drizzle stopped and about ten or fifteen minutes after, he came back to his lapak with his stuff and prepared for his lapak again. I was just smiling saw it happened.

Anyhoo, I'm going to show my nail art on my fingers last week when I got my period

Oke, tangan saya disini kok buluk banget yah?
Salahkan henponnya Novika yang udah bikin tangan saya keliatan sebuluk ini Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

That's UK flag! That was the second time I did it on my nails, but this time I used acrylic paint already and the first practice was using nail polish.

I will launch my nail art service online once I get back my fixed phone or next year when I had sufficient stuff to promote via online. I'm planning it wholeheartedly, so everything can go as smooth as I wish. Amen.

How's your Idul Adha day?
I have finished sticks of Satay Kambing Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

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At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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