Monday, October 29

Week 7: Everything will be fine

Business is starting to meet its own way to be better. So, this blog now seems like my business life diary, because somehow I need to record my business journey however it will be. Excuse me if these business life diaries annoy you, because I was born this way with the ability to be annoying Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

So ladies and gentlemen, I could say that yesterday was kinda the average or normal with no voltage or reduction. It was quite flat. Weeks ago I got a client who wanted to do nail art with her left hand only which nails were longer than the right ones. Yesterday she did want it, too, but with different design. So, it was french manicure with maroon-reddish tips and flower on the top of it. The second clients were two girls who wanted similar designs. My last client in Balai Kota was a five-year old girl and again her parents obsessed their daughter's nails to get nailed. Her mother purpose was actually just wanted her daughter's nails to be clean after the girl played with ink, so the nail tips were a bit dirty.

Those are not a problem for me, not at all. Any kind of clients I met were blessings and my clients will always be blessings for me. In the afternoon, I got a call from my loyal client and as always I went to her house. Last week I didn't go there because two weeks ago I told her to have her nails free from nail polishes at least for two weeks, or she will find her nails growing slowly. I made some new designs already because I'm kinda sick with those flowery designs again and all over again. And of course with the increasing of the prices for the new designs, haha. I love money Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

After having done with the nail art business, my mom asked me to buy stuff in Rita, but before I went to PM first to visit Rumah Sakit Angker with my cousin and nephew. I encourage them to be brave, I told them every ghost there are all people and those are fake. Okay, fine, they were like very spirited to go there at first. Then when we arrived, jeng jeng jeng!

They said NOOOOOOO Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
I wasted my time aaaaaaaaaaaaa kids!

So, in Rita I couldn't stop myself from grabbing nail polishes! My bad. Seriously I couldn't control it. I told myself, No, not anymore, you still have hundreds at home and you haven't used it, yet you grab for other ones. what kind of girl are you, vel?! I was angry with myself for not being able to control my passion with the nail polishes. wtf! Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Everytime I meet nail polishes, it will be like this Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

I told Hani, my cousin who accompanies me every Sunday morning in Balai Kota that if the Lapak is so full of people, she should help me do my clients' nail although just put the base colors because she is my assistant. hahaha, feel like I'm a professional for having an assistant already. Then the stand keeper recognize me and the short conversation happened
SK: Mba itu, yang suka nail art kalo minggu pagi, di Balai Kota?
Me: Eh, iya mba. Kok tau sih?

Hahaha, feel so famous!!! Tuzki Bunny Emoticon. Seriously, I never expect that one will recognize me and my job this soon! Well, anywhere is promotion time. Yeah, my face goes familiar for everyone Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Officially, yesterday I bought twelve new nail polishes which were unplanned before. I just thought that perhaps I would buy five new nail polishes at most. But the truth was like I bought them double than my real target. And the earning money went away with the polishes. I just thought that those are investments for this business. I'm afraid that I won't find the same nail polishes I met that day, so I grab as many as I could. My eyes are so hazardous for my pocket.

Next Sunday I won't be available for any nail stuff business because I have to go to other cities for personal businesses. I have great Monday anyway!

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At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.
Happy youth Pledge everyone! (I had no time to write yesterday)

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