Monday, November 5

The Gorgeous personality

and the owner is here, yes ME! Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Ya saudara, I just home again last night after attending my lecturer's wedding in Rembang, photos and the full story will be posted soon once I have time to spend with my laptop longer. So, this is just a quick post while I am browsing some materials for my upcoming project.

I went to Rembang with the best working partners in the entire universe: Miss Lya, Mas Ari, Mba Nana, Mba Veni, Mas Seta, and Novika.

The story here is about the Truth or Dare game. You guys should've known it this popular game. I played it for the first time when I was in Semarang for Debate Competition with other participants who stayed in the third floor. It was in 2010, I was in my 12th grade.

Then I played it for the second time on our way back from Semarang to Tegal. Wooooooooooottt, so many unpredictable answers, like they were so surprising!!!

One question was "Among these 7 persons, who would you love to be?"
Miss Lya's answer was Mas Seta
My answer was Mba Nana
Mba Nana's answer was Me
Novika's answer was Me
Mba Veni's answer was Mba Nana and Me

My question is Am I that gorgeous??? Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Hahahahaaa, ini kalo pada baca saya udah dilempar meja deh Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
Atau mereka akan narik lagi jawaban mereka tentang my easy going personality..

"Personality begins where comparison ends           -Karl Lagerfeld"

I don't know that people love to see me with this kinda personality. I just don't wanna spend my time to think about shits I should not. Sometime I wanna know about something, curious about someone, and think about them. But it's just wondering, not that critical thinking that take loads of my time and energy.

More or less, these were their answers:
Mba Nana: Free, easy going, don't care with the surrounding
Novika: Easy going, don't think much about people
Mba Veni: Well, similar with it

Maybe because I've undergone those life phases people haven't, like family problem, financial problem, and the result is me right now. I'm fine, see? Like, nothing serious had really happened in my life.

Believe that, ladies and gentlemen? I was surprised when they suddenly pointed their pointer right to me. It's so unbelievable. But anyway guys, thanks for that amazing two-day-trip. I never felt bad mood all trip long.

I'm going to study for my mid-term test today subject which are ELT and TEFL. I haven't even studied anything. I feel this brain malfunction again since I have to focus on two things in a row, mid-term test and my own project. Anyway, yesterday trip was a sweet escape during that boring mid-term test.

It's Monday!!! and Im in very good mood!!!

Now playing: James Morrison - Wonderful World (what a suit song for my mood!)
Current mood: Wonderful!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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