Saturday, November 24

Week 8 and 9: The Stable Weeks

I can say that those two weeks were kinda stable with three and four clients. But, before I tell you more about my small business journey on week 8 and 9, I think I really have to make confession (ah, again).</

It is true that I feel goddamn sinful for being lazy and too busy (excuse me) these past few weeks. Seriously, my campus life lately makes me feel like I'm really a university student. So for more than two years I am undergoing campus life, this is the first time I am a real university student. And my job as a speech trainer is going well and slow but sure giving such pressure because the due date is closer and closer.

Forget it all. So, let me tell you how my business ran for these two weeks. I decided to write tonight because tomorrow is Sunday (again) and I don't want to make myself having more homeworks. Here I am, sitting and remembering what happened two weeks ago and last week events.

Sunday, November 11
One week after I had my trip to Lasem I started my business again. Even, gosh, one day after I reached my house, a client wanted to make an appointment. I was home on November 4 night and in the morning a client sent me message wanted to make an appointment for Monday afternoon. But I made it Tuesday afternoon since mid-term test was still going on.

I have to say that it was really rushing week since I finished a proposal for idemuda and mid-term test and working and running business. Well fine, I'm multitasking. I think that's how that short trip worked, it cured me before I face reality with complex lives.

Then, I jump up to November 11. Three clients with polka dots design. I don't know why polka dots seemed so lovely that day for my clients. Started from the one whose nails painted with ten different colors to the one whose left and right hand had different design. I respect all my clients' choices.

And oh, on that day, after I finished with business thingy, I went to PM with Dinda and Dika to see Rumah Sakit Angker and hanging out with them. Anyway, they are my students at home :)

Sunday, November 18
Last week, yeah. Four clients. As always, they wanted flowery designs. And my last two clients were two girls who study in Marine-Merchant Academy. I thought it was crazy because applying nail polish is definitely forbidden there. I've advised them, but they insisted. They said that however they are girls who sometime wish to do girl thingies. So, I painted their nails with simple french manicure with glitters. Both wanted that design.

If I'm not mistaken, it was last week when there was a lady and a girl (mom and daughter) stopped by my Lapak and looked at the display picture. They looked glamour, face, appearance, anything. But one thing made me rethink about my perception was they wanted to get lower price by asking one-third of my tariff. For example, one of the design costs 15k, then they asked for 5k. And they said I can give them those price, and only only them. I really don't understand. So I just could say no and smile no matter how they asked for. For me, they didn't appreciate the arts. It's not about the price, but it's about logically thinking. Then I started to think, "Are they rich for being stingy? How if I asked them to do the design on my nails and I give them 5k?"

I once gave a-ten-year-old-girl special price because she gave me 10k and she wished me to do french manicure on her nails. I said it would make her look older because the design is for women. So I gave her discount for higher price yet suited her age, but still with 10k. Willy-nilly, I did compare them. I gave the discount for elementary school girl who asked for money from her parents wholeheartedly and really wished her nails painted. I saw her face full of excitement when she stopped in in front of my Lapak and gave me 10k. I even can give her free.

But for those mom and daughter, I really couldn't read their mind.

And I have a story about today and tonight.
Today my family held an event to celebrate my sist's pregnancy and my sister's besties came. I promote to them about my nail art business bu showing them my nails. They wanted me to do their nails. I thought, well, fine, I can use it as promotion. Free promotion. I asked them to use my service on their wedding :D

I painted similar design like mine on Mba Uci's nails and simple flowery design on Mba Nova's nails. Before they went home, Mba Uci paid me Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
So tonight I unintentionally got two clients. I was just giving them free service and never wished to get paid, haha. Moreover for design on Mba Uci's nails, I haven't decided the price yet. I have plans to launch more designs once I make my facebook page. She told me that tomorrow she will upload the photo on her facebook, thus I can get another free promotion, haha. She knows me so well :D

Anyway, my phone is fixed already and Twins will take it tomorrow. Once I hand it, I will sell it and save the money to buy something that can support my business.

"Plan your work and work your plan"

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog. 

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