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2012, Blessings in Disguise

No serious conflicts, I just can say that the whole year was A-W-E-S-O-M-E-!-!-!
This year's imperfections make it perfect. I know I know, I'm confused where to start. I'll carefully pick 13 best things happened in my life this year. Why 13? I love that number, simple.

Here we go! Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

1. Bye Cadets!
I really had to open my January posts and my eyes started to scan which one was really worth to pick. So, the post titled Bye Cadets (Again) is my best choice. That post, that day was my last time went there to teach. I thought it was just like any other holidays happened and I'll back nest semester to see them, but I was completely wrong. That was my last time to be there as a tutor. Having them in my life was and is a bless. Anyway, last month I went there again because got the invitation to attend band festival from my students. Moreover, Mba Nana and Mba Veniy substituted me teaching there. Well, at least they're in very right hands.

2. BALI!!!
No need to say how exciting it was. Anyway, I haven't even finished post tons of photos I took there. But I don't think it's necessary. So, here are some best shots..

3. My First Nail Art Experience - Kuta, Bali
Here was where everything started. For me, that time was like a turning point where I finally started to think about what I'm doing now.

Why? Because I got a bonus calendar from magazine and May picture was 2NE1. Til now, I don't turn the month. 2NE1 sticks til today. Then I made circles and signs where the date seemed memorable for me. CHELSEA won CHAMPIONS LEAGUE! I joined NUEDC. I won ESA WEEK. My Sister's wedding. See, that was one of the most hectic months ever!

5. I'm turning 20 :)
It's a new age. Although every year, hell yes, I'm getting older. But to see that 2 starts my age was like very bad. Yes, I felt worrisome earlier. Then now I enjoy my age. Not a woman yet not a girl. So, who am I?

6. I am officially jobless
June 18th I decided to resign from my working place and started my own journey as a freelance. What freelance? I don't exactly what the meaning is, but it sounds good. Maybe freelance is slightly like pekerja serabutan haha, that's for me. But I still have one settle job after all. I keep teaching kids in my home, got monthly payment. I name myself jobless because I don't belong to any courses or company or else. I love working with myself, free. I should not be responsible with anyone else but myself and my client. And yes, I got a lot more since I share it with noone.

7. Meet the crews!
Finally I write about the crew here! It's a secret gang which was united by my lecturers, Miss Lya and Miss Anin. See the photos and you'll know. Anyway, there are three more members, but here are the photos from Lasem trip. Just some photos. Anyway, feel blessed to have such crazy working partners like them. There's no really strict working time and we are just like friends.

Mas Ari, Miss Lya, Mba Veniy, Novika, Mba Nana, Me, Mas Seta

The Lady and young ladies

Couple yang cetar membahana badai !!!

Mas Ari, our beloved driver. He drove us Semarang-Lasem-Semarang.
Jeng jeng jeng!!!
Lee Min Hoooooooo *plak!
Mas Seta, the one who always claims himself Lee Min Ho
See? We are happy family!

8. It's finally back!
My-not-so-lovely-phone, but one point is I bought it myself, my very own purchased phone.
I bought it last year, then last May right days before ESA Week I dropped it and it died. I lost my box. My mom found the box July 30th. I asked for help from Twins to bring it to Sony Ericsson Center since I couldn't find it Tegal. I got it back this December. My plan was once I hand it, I would sell it and use the money to support my small business. But my mom didn't allow me -_____-

9. Sushi and Sushi

This year second trophy! And yes, speech again!
I joined a speech contest in my campus and as people guessed I won. It was like the committee gave the prize for me freely. So, right after the event, I went hanging out with the crews (minus Mas Seta and Miss Anin) grabbing Sushi in a restaurant near my previous working place. Miss Lya and Mas Arie showed us the way. I worked almost two years in that area and never know that the restaurant is exist. I knew the name and my student ever told me about it, but I didn't know that it was like less than five minutes from my working place.

Mie Siram. This is the sauce and the picture above is the noodle, well I'm sure you
know that's noodle

Sushi Sushi and Sushi
I'm simply in love with Sushi. That's my first time tasted it!

10. I started to think about not to be too independent
Ah ashamed! Seriously, I'm a bit jealous to see girls who did nail art and their bf waited them. That's too sweet to be true!
But actually after the whole year, the thought just came a week lately when a friend of mine asked what kind of man fits me. Well, for me since I'm uncontrollable, so I need the one who can control me as long as not restrict my space of working and socializing. It's kinda hard to find one because I know that I'm too tough, aha!
Forget it, nevermind. Just pretend like I never wrote it Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

11. A New Camera and Tripod
I remember that I wrote in 2012 resolution about camera and Karimun Jawa and Lampung. I didn't go to Karimun Jawa, nor did I go to Lampung. Well, yet. But one of my wish came true, yes camera and tripod as well as I gave myself bonus. I bought it like two weeks ago to take my nail art photos because I am seriously manage it and do the advertisement. Well, I keep the best for number 13 anyway Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

To buy one, I really had to have debate with my mom. I wanted to buy from online store, because there was sale and bonuses. She insisted that I had to buy it here, in Tegal, thus I could hand it, feel it, and if things happen with my camera I can straight to go to the store. Ya ya, parents always win. It's true.

12. Well, started facebook again.
Ah, I had posted about this one.

13. Velvet Nail Station
This is it!

Wow, I really don't know how to write. I feel the sensation. I thought about one name, then it came out. I'll make a special post about this baby. Last night I made facebook fanpage for Velvet. Ah, I really don't know how to utter. I have things to write and tell about Velvet, but I am completely speechless! Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

That's Velvet's fanpage. I invited my client, Yores to like Velvet's page and also some of my friends. I also made a blog for Velvet since I think it will be hard to write terms and conditins, F.A.Q, and else on facebook, so I decided to make one. But still, underconstruction.

Officially, Velvet was born yesterday, December 30th 2012.

2012 pros:
those 1-13 are 2012 pros.

2012 cons:
- Still hard to save money
- Still alone
- Still awesome Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
yeah, and always will be awesome.

So far that's all. I'll edit if I remember about something I forgot to write.

Happy New Year everyone! It's raining here, so I just sit and entertain myself with travelling around virtually.
At last I say,  Velly Intewesting Blog.

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