Monday, December 31

My last Random post in 2012

What??? My last blogging activity was over a month ago??? Heck!
I'm pitying myself for being so lazy, yet I can't blame myself. Yea lah, since I love myself too much, I won't blame me, excuse me.

So, the issue was not true. It was just hoax which was popped a year ago?, well yeah if I'm not mistaken. And people took loads of advantages of the issues. Yes, I'm talking about the doomsday.

Warning, it's a random post!

The issue was such a mine for those opportunists and they created rubbish to get the bucks. Foolish.

Next post will be a summary of this year. I'm going to pick 13 best things happened this year. See you soon!
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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