Wednesday, January 2

2013: January, I'm here!

Before starting my post, let me the most popular sentences to say currently.

2013, I'm welcoming you :)

As always, I have written 2013 resolutions on my journal. What I want to achieve, this year target, and so on and so forth. I've got five in mind and written five as well. But I am just going to mention three of them here, because the two are secret.

1. Expanding Velvet.
Yes, this one is really on the top of my resolutions this year. Anything on my mind right away is about Velvet Velvet and Velvet. I'm posting about baby Velvet very soon.

2. Save more and more
Yes again, I never ever remove this one from my resolution anytime, yearly or birthday targets. Seriously, I have to give it a try (again), like try it harder than before?

3. Kurus
This one, ah, I don't know where to start. Well, the only thing I should do is doing healthy lifestyle, really. I have to start bike to somewhere more often. And hey, anyway today I did bike from my house and covered like half of my town since the atmosphere is not good enough for me. Forget it. Let's just think about happy life and never give a shit with people. I live my life.

I watched news report this afternoon about deciding new year resolutions. For lazy person like me who always think that still there are long ways to go and postpone to do the resolutions again and again, it's better for me to divide it into several short-terms. And I chose to make review every three months. I really have to stick to my plan and have my journal around me as a reminder.

What's your resolution?
First thing to do is to grab a magazine and get the bonus calendar, haha that's mine. I didn't write it on my journal, but yes I keep it in mind. Last year I got half year edition calendar from a magazine which featured 2NE1 there. The only reason I bought the magazine.

For now, I don't think I will change my plan. I will find one as soon as possible.
I'm going to bed very soon.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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