Sunday, January 6

The Expanding Story

Here I am with finally with Velvet's story behind the scene!
But before, I'm going to make review about today's performance at Balai Kota Lama. As usual, there were three clients. I have posted the photos on Velvet Facebook Fanpage.

I wrote on the previous post that this year big dream is to expand Velvet, and yes I do. I got an offer from  a salon to work with them. Honestly, I'm not really comfort when I have to work in a place, although here I'm working alone. But a place hires people and provides place really make me feel not comfortable. Of course there were bargaining and so on, that's make me not comfort because I have my tariff already and I have to consider their profit for providing place and so on and blah blah. I can't do bargaining with people. Yes, it's suck!

Let me bitch here. The owner of the salon was like forcing me to work with them. One night, she sent me message asking my house address. Note: I will never anyone knows my house when it is about nail art thingies because I don't want people-I-don't-know-who come to my house freely wants me to do their nails. My family really will be bothered with it, and I do too. So I told her that in the morning I will go to her salon. I went there in the afternoon brought some pictures sample. I waited her for more than one hour until my time is up and I have to go home to teach the kids. Til that time, she didn't come. I know I know it was raining, and I had to pour it on the rain although I was not feeling good for flu (even til today still). So I just left the samples and promised that I would come again the next day.

The next day I went there, exactly as I promised. The bargaining happened. I sure am not that type of person who is expert in this field. And you know what, she asked for free trial for her nails thus she can promote it to the guess coming to her salon. Yaya, I said yes. Tomorrow before I go to campus I will go there and give her free nail art. Fine then, it's just do and forget it like I once I gave discount for some of my clients. Anyway, about a month ago she held me until 1pm in Balai Kota. Really, one of the hardest things to do is dealing with pregnant women. Yes, she's pregnant!

I think I'm bitching about my new working partner here. Whatever.
However, it's a good way to introduce nail art to people out there, although I'm quite famous already for my loyal clients and their friends. Really.

Anyhoo, I cut my hair again. But actually I just cut it about two weeks ago before the speech contest. Now my hair is like her

And I think my face looks like foreigner with her haircut.
Just agree with what Mizan ever said that my face looks like foreigner, haha pfffffftt
True true trus, chan! Now I agree with you!

I'm having final test and after that I will be having loooooooooooong holiday that I don't know what I am going to do with it. Maybe I'll spend my day doing practice and practice and practice preparing for February designs.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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