Monday, February 18

At a Glance

So, finally I got the time to write anything on my mind here. Although I've been pessimist that I won't be able to write about anything because due to to x-factor (age factor) *cough, I forgot some parts to convey. Anyway, I am not that old, right? So, I really wish that I still can write what I mean clearly and in correct order -since I realize that I am a very random person, though!-

Ok, I will start with something sucky one which is about myself. I told you that my over-the-top-wishlist is about Velvet, like finishing her blog, and so on and so on. Yet, I'm not finishing it. I really have to apologize and forgive to myself at the same time since I work alone and do anything alone. But I still do photoshoot like regularly for each month with my partner (Partner here means anyone with well-shaped nails, so really, she can be anyone), Merlin. Speaking frankly, I have to maintain my mood well. But, I'm not able to. It's been two weeks I was absent from my weekly buka lapak in Balai Kota. Last week was because I was really lazy and missed how I used to spend my Sundays before, for example: watching Power Rangers Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Everyone who is reading it will be like Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

I know I'm just old enough to enjoy this kind of thing. But, I love it! and my favorite one is Power Rangers SPD and the one which was aired on RCTI when I was kid - I forgot the which series. The one with a robot always saying "ayaya" all the time. Ah, how time flies so fast and I'm growing old faster -____-

Let's talk about something more serious.
Although I know that the thing I'm going to talk about is a little bit outdated and perhaps noone talking about it out there, but I haven't even deliver mine about this. Pardon me for neglecting this blog and let he news spread in the entire universe without me getting involved in it.

I was a part of that kind of schools. If one you ask me, "are you proud of it?"
Well then, let me give my very own response and never ask me why. It's my commitment to always give such  shocking answers and unpredictable-yet-surprising thoughts.
Frankly speaking, I never was-am-will be proud of being a part of it. Duh, it's hard to explain it English because I won't get the feeling and just going nowhere. So, I'll switch to Bahasa.
Kenapa saya nggak merasa bangga?
Apa yang harus dibanggakan? Karena rintisan/standar internasional? Terus kenapa kalo standar internasional? Nggak ada bedanya!
Justru saya yang malu sendiri saat saya harus ngomong yang sejujurnya pas ada yang tanya,
"Gurunya pake Bahasa Inggris terus yah di kelas?"
Dalem hati, "boro-boro!"
Jawaban yang muncul, "nggak kok, biasa aja"

Saya nggak tau apa tujuan di balik munculnya Kelas Imersi (jaman belanda dulu), RSBI (jaman jepang), SBI (whatsoever!). Yang pasti buat saya, nggak ada tujuan yang mulia dibalik semua itu. Oke, saya harus kembali ke satu sisi dari diri saya yang sangat naif sekali bahwa semuanya dilakukan untuk tujuan yang baik, dilakukan dengan baik, dan membawa hasil yang baik. Tapi sayangnya sisi naif saya dikecewakan untuk yang kesekian kalinya.

I know nothing about education field and shit. The only thing I know that this is one of the most potential one to get the highest profit since everyone needs to be educated and those rich guys will provide bucks to make their children be part of something precious.

It might be precious, but not worth it. It's ridiculous instead.

I even consider real international school or sending my daughter or son abroad if the education system here stuck in this kinda pattern. Kesannya seperti mengotak-kotakkan pendidikan. Padahal buat saya, pendidikan bukan sesuatu yang bisa diperlakukan seperti itu. Mungkin ya untuk politik atau ekonomi. Tapi nggak untuk pendidikan. Kalo pemerintahnya aja masih ngotot dengan sistem kasta yang udah lama lenyap, jangan salahin kalo sampe kapan pun nggak akan ada kemajuan di bidang yang satu ini.

Saya cuma miris aja liatnya. Banyak loh orang yang pengen jadi guru karena tunjangannya, nggak karena ingin bikin negara ini jadi lebih baik. Banyak yang tergiur dengan tunjangannya. Banyak yang bermimpi ditempatkan di sekolah semacam RSBI/SBI dan nggak siap kalo suatu saat SK yang turun buat mereka malah menempatkan mereka di pedalaman Indonesia yang nggak serba susah, yang bahkan anak-anaknya nggak tau warna bendera negara mereka apa.

Jadi dengan dibubarkannya RSBI dan SBI, saya sebagai mantan murid SMA RBSI merasa (entah kenapa lebih) bahagia. Bahkan mungkin lebih bahagia daripada guru-guru sekolah saingan SMA saya. Karena untuk satu alasan, saya merasa kalo akhirnya nggak perlu lagi khawatir masalah biaya lah buat yang pengen sekolah bagus. Setidaknya untuk sementara, sampai pemerintah punya program pemerasan dan kasta serta akal bulus lainnya.

Saya lebih salut sama SMP saya yang bahkan tetap setia dengan predikat Sekolah Standar Nasional-nya. Semoga akan tetap memberikan pelayanan yang baik untuk semua kalangan.


Yaya, this phenomenal movie...
Who have watched it? Raise your hand!
I HATE YOU! Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Why? Because I haven't watched it Tuzki Bunny EmoticonTuzki Bunny EmoticonTuzki Bunny EmoticonTuzki Bunny EmoticonTuzki Bunny Emoticon

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, there's no theater in my town. And if I wish to see one, at leat I have to go to Cirebon or Purwokerto or even Semarang (and shopping as well).

I love how Reza Rahadian played his role. Everytime Tv stations do review or talk show about this movie, I never miss it. I sit quietly in front of TV and adore Reza Rahadian.

Anyway, I have an awkward thought, "How if SBY and Ani? Will it boom as Habibie and Ainun?"
I don't think so.

Next thought,
One of the thing that always makes me never wish to join any student organizations at campus because there is always politic within it. Although I love politic, I hate it practically because it hurts many people. Just like happened days ago. It's politic and I wish I never get involved in it.

I have one more thought, but I won't share it here. I will do, but in my private blog. Nothing special, just not wishing people know it. It will be really 'cetar'!

Now playing: Rihanna - Diamond
I'm in love with this song since Fatin sang it. She really is MAGIC!
Current mood: absurd.

Anyway, I'm signing out! See, this post is a random one.
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.


  1. hellooo! thank you so much for leaving a comment on my newest post ! hehe
    and yepp I was in d204, and i didn't win but it was a great experience.
    I know I lied so much in my pictures :p. you should've said hi :)
    By the way, are u studying in ups? hehehe

    thanks for reading my blog ^^

    1. Aww, thanks as well for visiting back :)
      Ya I'm student of ups.
      That was the first time I saw you, I was afraid I mistook you with someone else. That's why I asked you to get confirmed :P
      Surely I will say hi when I see you around next time. You should join it again next year to see me haha