Friday, February 15

Quick Update from A Bad Blogger

Hey there! oh my, I just realized that I've disappeared for years. It's a quick update since I feel like I'm a bad blogger. I have a lot to comment, discuss, say inside my head about many things around happened recently, but I've still no time to do. I can't really keep my words when I'll have another. So, here are some random photos I have as the bribe.

In my 20-year-old lifetime, I never ever even once thought about it that
my name that fits VALENTINE
Anyway, I never celebrate it.
Talk about it later.

Days ago I went to Salemba, Pasific to find some materials art I need.
I'm currently using watercolor as well on my nail art designs. So I really had to find one and
it's kinda hard. It's small town, okay?
After I've done with Salemba then I moved to somewhere in Pasific just to see nail polishes I could probably buy. Then I found out that there was huge SALE! Those Black and White nail polishes usually were about 12k, but I ggot it for 3k only. It's freaking cheap!!! So I grab them. The red one was 2k only. The were my mood boosters that day so I had to write something on Facebook that I just had my lucky day.

So, let's dismiss here!
I'm going to campus.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog

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