Friday, February 22


I am back to my habit which is stay awake all night. Not really all night actually. Usually I really close my eyes at 2 up to 4. Even sometime in front of laptop and let it on til the dawn when I wake up to pray. Then I turn it off. I don't know exactly how my eyes work, they can stay all night, but in other times I fall asleep even when I watch TV. I can't really expect what time I will go to bed. Ok, I go to bed at 10 or so. However, the exact time I will close my eyes and travel to dreamland, it's hard to predict.

Anyway, I just checked here and there on this blog and it's like I consider to reconstruct it since I found a lot of expired things, broken links, and so on. It's even I forget when the last time I customized it. It was long time ago before I change my url from vellybluey to itsvellycious.

When I was blogwalking and found colorful blog with colorful header and colorful thingies everywhere, I thought "Ah, I have to make one like this". I designed what colors I would use, mixed and matched it, really spent hours just to decide what color to be the background, what font will fitted it, chose the picture, blah blah blah. I put efforts to make my blog as colorful as I wanted.

After hours...
Somehow, I left it with white as the background, a lot of soft blue and to clarify that I am a girl I gave a bit peach touch. I still have that feminine side la. It's peach, okay, no pink! Even, if it's pink, that's the only kind of pink I can deal with.

It's always like that. I love the combination of white, blue, and peach. I like how they turn to be really simple, yet elegant. I can see my feminine side through the colors I chose, through how I present my blog. I just love simplicity. It fits anyone, I think.

Beside the feminine side I want to show, there is another thing that I will always be. For me, white and blue are colors of ice. In many photographs of snow, I can see white and blue dominate. It's my another side, as cold as ice.

I chose the font with messy style, it shows that I am frivolous. It's human nature and it really is natural.

I will spend my time to fix here and there, but no changing the things I just explained above. I think that's all the best I can do without being over-the-top but still OK and representative.

No serious matter. I feel like I want to upload the picture.

Just like Black and White. Life is simple. People make it complicated.
That's why, simplicity is priceless.

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At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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