Sunday, February 24

That Sushi Meeting

It's true that blogging is a pleasure, for those who love to. It's not about showing off, but more about sharing things. Things here are not always related to physical things, it can be thought, experiences, stories, ideas, and so on. I see a lot of people around me have blog, but never wish to be active in it. Some do just as an an obligation, some do for fun. When people around me say, "Hey, I have a blog" or "I made a blog". Then it would be like a reading material for which I should visit and read because I am curious with people's writing taste. Thus, I feel really happy when find active bloggers who are from the same town I live in. It really is hard to find one. I often manage to find them through the city-link on the profile, but I usually found those abandoned blog with unknown owner *sigh. This country really needs that reading and writing cultures since everyone seems like experts in talking and blabbering, about anything.

Everytime I read a blog, I always have this weird imagination that the blog owner read the post behind me and her/his voice becomes the backsound like she/he is telling story for me with wise, slow, relax, yet expressive tone. I don't know if you do. If this happens to people around me when reading my blog, then it may seem extremely different. I mean, I talk fast, expressive, and don't ever try to think that I will do story telling. So, they might think that I'm a different person which I name alter ego.

Let's talk about something else, the crew and I are having this TOEFL preparation and the place is really can be anywhere. Our first meeting or I name it pre-test was taken place in our campus laboratory. And here are the result..

Left to Right:
Mba Nana - Mine - Novika - Mba Veniy - Mba Bunga - Mas Imam - Mas Seta

Since the pre-test, then I decided to make my own target about my TOEFL score. I know that TOEFL result is hard to predict, but I will make it 600. Miss Lya's score was 623 and it makes me envy!

Our first meeting after pre-test was last Wednesday at Griya Juice, Randugunting and our next meeting was last Firday at Oishii, Kapten Ismail. And here, I think that I saw Veren from a little princess who sat next to us. I was shy to say hi because she was with her friends and I was with the crew, but I have told her through comment on her blog.

Our TOEFL preparation meeting is always fun! It's not that boring course with boring tutors! The most important is it's FREE of CHARGE. We get free tutoring from Miss Lya and Miss Anin. We answer questions, discuss about the answers, why it is like this, why it is correct, why this one is incorrect, and never forget to discuss about people around us as well (in other words, people name it gossiping).

That was our second sushi time! The first one was when I won another speech contest last December and I treated them, you're welcome :)

Here are #foodporn I captured there and I will do review about the place, or well say, give it a try.

Our must-ordered menu
I don't know the name, but it is the first one on the menu out of the sushi
This is sushi, with beef and I don't know, kimchi?
Japanese food with Indonesian taste. If you're not really familiar with
sticky rice and fish then you can try this one.
Ya, feels like Lemper. No, actually it's not.

This one is also our must-ordered menu
errrrr, salmon maiu?
if I'm not mistaken

I love this place. Really feel hommy. But there's not many options about the drinks. You just can grab anything inside the fridge there, standard instant thingies.

The place is really simple and the prices are affordable. We chose to pick some menu and pay it together. Yesterday meeting was kinda pleasure because Mas Seta treated us, yeay!!! Gomawo Min Ho Oppa! << Tho one who always claims himself as Lee Min Ho -_-

I still don't know yet where our next meeting will be. From now on I will try to give review of my town. Well, you can name it promoting my town, because there are people out there who think that Tegal is somewhere with no fun and places to show up. Ah~

See? I have nothing left to say, if I do, I will add some later. I'm signing out!
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.