Saturday, March 23

Girly Things

I show you something!

Once I got the fake nails and stuff, I went crazy and got myself lost in my own world with the things. The simple one, ordinary one, you can find this kind of design everywhere. Really. I mean, that's very basic and maybe I will give some tutorials later. I don't know what kinda name I should use for it, but I think I end up with Apple Garden (although there're cherries as well over there).

Another simple and ordinary one. People name it vintage-something-flower-nails. You can find this anywhere in every nail blogs, but here is not one. It's just a random blog about anything I'd love to blog about and I'm crazy about the art on the nails.

I checked some photos from old folders and realized how my skill in nail art remarkably increase. Next time I don't mind to show you some fails and absurd nail designs before I really take my time to get along with it longer.

Who says I don't like playing with make up stuff?
I love to. However, I'm still a girl.
Sometime I just realize how girly I can be when I have myself trying to do things above -make up stuff and nail arts-.

Talking about make up stuff, I'm not really using it when I'm out.  I just do it when I'm curious with its power in transforming someone to be someone else. Anything can really change how one behaves.

1.11am right here.
Anyway after trying this and that blog templates, finally I'm back to basic and just picked simple (really simple) Dynamic Views blog template in which I should not care about anything. I mean, it's all in one pack and I don't have to care about left side, right side, gadgets, so on so on.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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