Monday, March 25

Masterpiece !

How excited I am that finally I made my very first masterpiece! It was like I waited for the box I've ordered days ago and it was really not even disappointing me. I love it, indeed!

I'm showing you guys something, this is my masterpiece!

They are really lovely and for this time I don't even think pink is suck, it's sweet instead. Ah, I have to admit it now that on that fake nails, pink looks really sweet and I love it! But I won't say pink is sweet or so for other things. I use pink a lot on my designs because girls love the color. So, do you think what I can do? Say no? noooooooo. Getting along with pink very well, but I won't say I love pink. I'm not a fan of pink, but this time I have to say it fits really well on my design.

Sorry for the last photo I just want to make sure that it fits my nails because it's handmade and it was made with my nails measurement. Fake nails anyone?

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