Wednesday, March 6

Random Post - Morning!

Bonjour world!
It's a morning post. Anyway, I made bloglovin account minutes ago and really need to make this urgent post. So, here is my bloglovin link! "Hey bloglovin, I put the link noh! Verify it asap!" *mischievous eyes

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I have to say that holiday is over and it's time to get back to reality. Furthermore, this time I went nowhere so  it's Ok if I have to start campus life nearly soon. The problem is since I'm not ready to use my brain and face the lectures. Ah~ I think I need more time to set up myself.

Everytime my friend sent me message about schedule and so, I just wish that the lecturer postpone the class until next week or another time. I also wish it for today.

I am preparing something with my Velvet! See this one and you'll understand

Yeah correctt, it's fake nails!
Wait for further info or just simply like our fanpage here

I'm signing off, will have my breakfast. I'm starving :(
At last I say, A Vely Intewesting Blog.