Saturday, June 29

Comeback Post

Man, how long I abandoned this blog?????? I can see spider webs everywhere!!! Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

So sorry for being too busy in my lives withing life. Actually I wanted to post things, really a lot of things. I think I should make lists of them. I didn't blog for about . . well, don't know exactly. But my last post was on March. So, practically I disappeared for 3 months. Real life was really tempting to stay lately. I know eerything I'd write will seem like I'm making excuses. Although I do.

(In real life) Some times thought to write things suddenly crossed on my mind. I would definitely love to write anything. If you've been reading this blog for quite some time, you'll know that even sometime when I really want to write, I just made some random posts that I myself didn't know what I wrote about. When I saw things, I told myself that I would write it and share through my blog. But then, stuff killed the thought and I ended up abandoned you again.and again. Yeah, I'm the one to blame.

If you are asking (I doubt none) what I'm doing now, I do a lot. I'm starting to focus on Velvet by making an account of it on Twitter and will make some more on some forums. This afternoon I got a message from someone asking about the fake nails and I just replied it minutes ago since I just checked my business phone tonight. I was just home this afternoon from a sweet escape with my classmates as the closing of our drama project and pre-wedding photo of our main characters, Joey and Patsy. Photos coming sooooooooooooon.

Beside Velvet, the thing I'm doing right now, really right now is translating international journal. My accountancy teacher sent me messages asking for help to translate the journal. Really, I don't understand the language, super mega complicated!!! If it were casual written text, I can really do it quickly. But this one is really out of expectation.

Anyway, I count this one as a comeback post, say this one is random.

Wah, I feel the goosebumps everytime I replied message from my clients. The sensation of talking to strangers who are interested in my works is unexplained. I don't know what to describe. I just can say that I feel the goosebumps.

Here is Velvet's Twitter and this is Velvet's Facebook. Check my works and order some when you have time *wink*

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.
Stay awesome, fellas !

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