Saturday, August 24

Life Starts Here

Bonjour from somewhere I'm living in!

I learned the word Internship when I was at UPT Bahasa with Miss Yulia and Miss Lya. I didn't know when I would use the word, but I keep it in mind because I think it will be useful someday. And Taa-daa! It really is useful now, not long after I knew tat word.

Started from last Wednesday I lived somewhere on the earth with strangers. I'm on internship activity with 13 strangers who I just knew like in less than one month, in some clueless meetings which I rarely attended, and we were randomly put in one list. One of those strangers was a classmate of mine when I was in A class.   So, among the strangers, she's the one I know pretty well.

Really, staying in a house full of strangers for 8 weeks is a big deal. Everyone is like coming from different education background. Everything is just really shocking, yet surprising. Somehow, I feel like having a new crazy family full of girls who scream endlessly and boys who mess crazily.

This is maybe too early to judge how the condition will be, but I do wish everything runs well and smoothly. I do wish that every program we've planned done and everyone happy with the result. I know that problems will raise and stir people's emotion in this house.

Among the strangers, there are 2 men who we consider as our big brothers. It doesn't mean that they are much older than most of the members of the house. They are just much more mature than most of us here. One works as a police officer and one works in Pertamina. Both of the are really supporting our logistic. Lack of logistics? I wish never will.

Photos of the internship activities uploaded soon. I haven't transferred them from my phone and camera.

Anyway, I'm going to tell about myself in the condition. Everytime I do house chores here, I just scream this sentence deep inside my heart, "MOM, YOU HAVE TO SEE ME DO THIS!!!!!!!!"

I claim myself lazy and blah blah. Say, I'm not a good girl, daughter, human being, anything; when it comes to doing house chores and thingies. I swear my mom will be crying for happiness to see do house chores. Today, I cleaned up the refrigerator with two young ladies here when others were having survey for our project which will be effectively started next week (I do hope so!). I washed the dishes. Things and things.

Once during TEFL performance in Miss Anin's class, she asked my group who never do house thingies and she wanted we answered honestly. She knew very well that I really was, am, not into that. In my group which consisted of like 5 or 6 girls and 1 boy, it was only me, the girl who never do that and yeas, the only boy in my group didn't do that as well -________-

Mom, you have to see me do that! You have to see me do this! I'm growing up, mom!!! :)

Other stories come up soon when I have more time to write. I write this spontaneously with no plan. Anyway, I am back to my old habit to stay awake all night. Moreover, in the night, those who like to stay awake provided glasses of coffee. Feels like heaven, no?

I am using stranger's laptop because mine is now used by another stranger to watch movies. Laptops are publicly owned here :D

At lat I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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