Monday, August 26

No Idea

I am not sure what tittle fits this post. I'm just surprised, yet shocking. But mostly shocking.for what had just happened this afternoon (I should say it yesterday afternoon). That was really unexpectedly. I never expected that stranger would call me and told me such great things.

Yesterday afternoon, I was at Posko, not so busy, just doing things and some stranger called my business phone. Honestly, I should say that my business runs slowly. Meaning that, there was nothing significantly happened. I keep promoting on Twitter and Facebook. The only unexpected one is this story doesn't come from neither Facebook nor Twitter. This one coming from Tokobagus. So, Velvet just made an account there few weeks ago and actually I didn't expect much from there, because I do count on Facebook and Twitter to promote my product.

When I firstly answered the phone, there was female voice over there talking really fast like she is an expert in offering product, but here she's in the position to propose me working with her. I might be exaggerating in facing this condition, but I just want every of my steps in reaching my dreams recorded in well-organized diary book which I share with people. Like, I wish every step of it, success or fail, written here and I can learn from the posts someday.

I don't know is it just me or you'll do so, but I was really nervous to answer the phone yesterday afternoon and talking with my stranger-client. She order big number of fake nails sets and I just can say that when I calculate the number of money, I was like, "man, are you kidding???"

I know some people from Twitter and Facebook who were interested in my products, asking this and that, firstly said that they would order, but then canceled it, unreachable, not answering my tweets or messages. I mean, I've learned enough from that condition that sometime people would let me down in so many ways. It can be that something seems so promising, but then it's just another test I should pass to know how I am ready to face the real world and the people out there.

I am learning much from every progress happened in my working to build Velvet. I believe that one day, hopefully in the short future, Velvet grows bigger. I know nail art is such a tempting industry to try. But for me, it's not only about trying new things and then forget it. No. I really am in love with this thing and I want it around my life. I am very passionate in the industry. I have passion.

Now I can find like there are quite a lot salon offer nail art as one of their services. For them, this industry is gold mine where they can get as much as possible from the least money they spend. Indeed, you can get like 3 times,, five times more profit from the service. When people who had ever done nail art somewhere and they find me late, they will be very lucky to finally find me. True, they spend less money in me.

It's almost one year I'm doing nail art business and I am very grateful that I am still into it. I keep reaching my dream. To make it big is easier than maintain it to keep bigger. I still have goals to reach. I still wanna hit the jackpot. I still love to challenge myself.

Sweets and bitters. I love the sweets, but I should never hate the bitterness of it. I love both, I just have to.

Anyway, I am still staying at Posko, staying awake like almost every night and travelling around the virtual world. I can't do nail art thingies here, I know it very well. When I am home, when I am awake at night, that's because I keep working on new designs from Velvet. I know I can't do that here, but at least I just can't get enough of thinking about anything related to that. My creativity just works well every single night, I keep designing and painting some designs I would probably do when I am home.

My bedroom at home was like my studio. Really, I slept with nail polishes and brushes and acrylics, and so on. But then when my sister and her family moved to new house which only two houses away from my house after Eid Mubarak, I got my very own room which I treat as my studio. The only thing I hate from that is my niece often mess my studio since I am not home often due to internship. Everytime I am home, I enter my studio, then I can't smile looking at it because the complete mess my niece does to it. I have to clear up anything, put anything on the place, when I can't find some important things, I cried. I swear, I cried. I cried twice when I can't find my dotting tools and when I thought I lost many other things which was put somewhere by my sister. I was really mad, but I just can't be mad to my niece, she's just little girl and I know that she thinks my studio is a nice place to visit and fun place to play -_____________-

4.02 am in the morning, but not yet sleepy, or I may be sleepy but I don't feel like going to bed. I' signing out now.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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