Saturday, August 10

THOUGHT: Professionalism

I know it's kinda hard firstly to write this and might hurt some people who read this (act like this blog has thousand readers lol). I'm pretty sure if those people read this, they will got offended by my words.

I'm now doing nail art thingies, just I always said that I'll do it seriously and I'm very much into it. I do learn, design, research, and I am inspired by others. That was when I just learned about nail art. But when I think myself leveled up, I try to look at anything which can inspire me. I mostly take pictures of cute stuff, fabric patterns, strips, dots, anything stimulates my creativity. When I'm stuck, then I'll google to find one I want. There are techniques to diligently learned. And I'm in my own world.

Last year, I bought camera to support my activities with nail art thingies, take my masterpieces, and show the world. It takes really forever when I have a lot fake nails sets to shoot, edit the photos, watermark, and upload. I put efforts to do anything. And yes, I love it. I love every step to finish up my collections til the time I show them on Facebook and Twitter. All I do is because I want to show my very own work, not things belong to others.

Doing research is a must when starting business. Yes, I do research on my competitors. Well say, I stalk on them. I'm curious to know how well they do it, how nice their designs, the way they promote whether it is effective or not, the rice in the market thus I can set mine and make people buy my product. Yes, I'm new in this kind of world. I'm beginner who learn from those advance sellers. I basically learn from any kind of online shop. I observe how they take care of the customers, discount they give, sale stuff. I learn mucho. Thanks to internet.

I have seen tons of nail art designs. Well, because of internet as well, sometime I get irritated when I do research and see this annoying stuff quite often. I'm not sure it's wise to use others' work and introduce it as theirs. I know everything is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. But this? Is it legal? Is it just me who get irritated for thing like this or any of you have the same feelings like? I'm not talking about fashion business, clothes or shoes, or anything. Here I am talking about Nail LIFE. Showing the real works for me is more realtime.

Here I talk about myself and my baby Velvet. Before I set the price, I consult like everyone in my house whether it is reasonable or not to make people cost some of their money on me. I don't set the price as I wish to get the highest profit. Something more important than that is making people loyal to my product. I don't want to let them down because they spend some money on me. I want them love my product and back to me. I want my business last long. I want this lasts forever and become legacy for my children :D

I see sellers who set unreasonable price. Frankly speaking, I compare my designs with others, even those advance ones. All I can say is that I do pretty good, neatly *compliment myself, pardon me*
When I see somebody sell the same things as I do, I compare how neat they do or how mess the designs are. It's just nature for seller to compare and give compliment to themselves. But, when I see those uneven display pictures; I don't talk about picture quality although yes, it takes important part in displaying stuff; I'm talking about the designs themselves. If I were the customer, I wouldn't spend my money on them.

I can say that I'm an amateurish professional. I set myself from my first step to be professional. I'm on my way.

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At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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