Friday, March 28

A Warm Welcome

Woah, finally the long hiatus ended and I think that myself misses this place like very much! So sorry for every excuses I would make, but that's the truth (or not). Or just excuses to cover my laziness.

Good evening, fellas!
Such a very long time didn't post anything, I mean really post something, long wordy posts to deliver my ideas about anthing. Yes, mostly are random ones.

I am writing now because I just saw the quotation by Mae West on my cupboard. I didn't come here like decades, then when I saw the quotation, my blog was the first thing came up on my mind. It was like, "Man, I miss my blog. That's the only place that can keep me and story of my life."

Meaning like, when I read the old posts I feel the feeling I felt at that time I was writing the posts. I feel how sad I was writing the post, sometimes I even cried when I wrote. And when I read sopme silly posts I've written before, then I smile. Some random love stories, friendship stories, adventures, anything. I often forget that I ever wrote the posts, then when I read them then I remember wrote them once. That's how a diary works.

Anyway, I feel blessed lately. I never ever love March in my entire life. But it's a bit different this time. There are tons of happiness to be grateful for. I travelled quite a lot this month, well, three cities only actually. Although it was just three cities, but I felt happy because that was sweet escape before I faced the busy days came up. I went to Jakarta and Bandung on Feb 28-March 2, then went to Purwokerto two weeks after. I will tell you more on other separated posts, because it's just a brief comeback post.

And, another thing I love from this month is 2NE1 is back!!! That was actually on CL's birthday last February, but they keep performing this month from one program to other programs. Noone beats them! Woooooot, the Queens are back! And I could say that I love their album to the max! The best album ever!

I have this story I keep from people, because I don't how to tell. It was about three weeks ago, I got a call from an unknown number. I guessed that was not even from Indonesia, because the numbers were not +62xxxxxxxxxx. So, then I received the call. My habit is I would say no words before the person calls me say something first. Yes, I remained silent.

The person there said, "Hello." Ah, a woman, that was the thought crossed on my mind. Then I said hello because I felt secure answering the call. "Is this Veli?" she asked.

I don't translate the conversation because it happened in English, really. Anyway, that was the first time ever I spoke English at home. I never did, even once before.

A foreigner? I was full of questions. "Yes. Who is this?" me asking her.

Then a long conversation happened between me and her. You know what happened?
Please introduce, Amna. She lives in Dubai. So, I guess I was right. She is opening a nail salon in about six months or so. She was and I think is looking for talented nail artists who are passionate in nail art world. She saw my designs on Velvet's Instagram. I put my business phone number, line, and BBM Pin there. She contacted me through the numbers I wrote there. In conclusion, she was offering a job to me. I was like, "OMFG! I'm so excited that I'm speechless." We talked through Whatsapp and email. She explained more on email. I was speechless, really, no words to say. I didn't even think somebody would contacted me from some other parts of the world and offered me the job. I was full of excitement and I am.

Man, it's Dubai!

If I didn't think much and Dubai is like somewhere near my town then I would say yes without thinking about anything else. But, it's 7 hours flight from Indonesia (Amna said). I haven't finished my study here, well, in six months I hope finishing it. I still have my own dreams for Velvet and other things I want to achieve. If I accepted the job, I would be TKW then -_______-

Thanks for the appreciation, anyway.

If I had to design and send her the designs, then I wouldn't mind working from here and send the designs via internet. Ah, sudahlah. Masa lalu.

At least, something great happened in my life.

Anyway, that's all for now. My phone is broken. I am back to Poltran. I work at Lebaksiu and Brebes. Just highlighting the events of my life :D

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.