Friday, April 25

LIFE: Pay A Visit

What do you expect from good internet connection and me? Yes, me posting more and more.

I read some old old old, really old posts of mine in this blog a while ago. Then I realized that I was more open at that time. I wrote anything I wanted to. More random things which is only me understanding what I meant at that time.

Compared to now, I'm not that open. I know, I learn too much from life. I'm more private now. Everytime I'm gonna write some hate post, then I would think about too many things. Considering readers' thought about me, the benefits of writing such things, considering people's heart. Just, too many things to think about.

Seriously, visiting old posts does a good thing to do to know myself better. I do. I used to remember how I was and how I am now. How much I changed, how much I learned from life and experience. Then I know that I'm more mature now. I'm growing up. I'm growing old.

Oleh-oleh dari masa lalu. 2009.
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At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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