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LIFE: Velvet, Lessons Learned

I wrote this post on January, 13 2013 and stop writing. I checked some drafts and found this one.

Here is a story of my baby, VELVET

It was December 30th when I finally made a fanpage for Velvet at 7.30pm to be exact. I was opening my facebook account. I actually have thought about having a facebook fanpage for my works to gain more clients and it's a good way to promote to people. I can publish photos of my works and tag people. But for tagging people, I still have to think twice since I don't want to look like spamming them with photos they don't even need. But I know that some do that without even having close relationship with those who are tagged. However, I still have to think further to do that.

It's VELVET. But, why VELVET?
I thought hard trying to find a name started with V, my initial. It was in the afternoon and I browsed through my phone dictionary finding a name started with V. I found several catchy words, wrote it, and found out the meaning. But then I suddenly in love with VELVET which means beludru in Bahasa.

1. VEL is my name's first syllable.
It's true that people call me Vel when they just want to say hi or simply mention it when having conversation with me, like "iya vel", "apa vel?", "Vel", "Vel", and "Vel". Yes, I'm a selfish young lady who in love with anything in me. Any problem? No? Fine.

Anyway, although I love my name that much, but I don't want to make it commercial since I don't want to make myself think that I sell my-very-own-self. Because for me it's not necessary to show the selfishness publicly, well I'm doing it right away, right here though. Meaning that to use my name as a brand of product or service is a big no no for me. So, since I found VELVET which contains some letters of my name then I picked it. Nothing beats it.

2. VELVET. Doesn't it sound ear-catchy, does it?
This is one of the reason why I ended up with VELVET. It's ear-catchy. And another reason is people will easily remember it. It's not so complicated, because it's like mentioning two words in a row. VelVet. Ya, whatever if you don't understand what I mean. It's easy to remember and ear-catchy. That's it.

3. VELVET represents the ladies in common. (January 13)
In Bahasa Indonesia, Velvet means Beludru. Some textile fabric usually used to make women clothes. I mostly see this fabric on my mom's formal dresses. And I rarely see man wearing this kind of fabrics. So for me, this represents women completely.

It's almost two years, well, one and a half actually. This is the only I want to do in life, aside from teaching. I do teaching because I want to educate people and I do nail art because I love doing this, I have dreams with this little thing. I want to rent a small kiosk and do this for life, sell nail polishes, nail stickers, and stuff.

Please #prayforveli and her dream. Teaching and my dream, I'm in between. I'm sure I won't leave my current job as a freelance teacher/instructor/tutor, you name it, because I love teaching! On the other side, I want to do nail art for my life. I've had plans in my brain what to do to manage my time with those two jobs. Please, if only my parents read this blog post, understand me.

Enough with me bitching about my life and stuff.
Been almost two years with Velvet, here is some lessons I've learned so far.

I wrote this and this before, some unknown stories. And another one I haven't written here. From these three stories, then I was fooled three times with three different motives and resulting three different stories. I never know that I was more naive than I thought.

Yes, I was successfully fooled by them. So, I think I've been fooled three times by unknown people. Thank God I wrote those posts.

The first one was titled "No Idea". I did have no idea who the person is and what the motive behind. Let say her name is MAWAR (bukan nama sebenarnya).

This NO IDEA one happened whan I was having KKN. Somebody called me in an afternoon then she ordered Alicia nail set and another glam one. She successfully fooled my by ordering huge number of nail set with amazing amount of money. Whoever you are, I should thank you a lot for giiving me this lesson. I do thank you. If there was nothing like that then I wouldn't learn a lot.

Read that post for full story.

The second one was titled the expanding stories. Sebut saja namanya Joko (bukan nama sebenarnya)
This person has a salon somewhere near my town, Tegal coret ke Selatan lagi. One day when I was Buka Lapak at Balai Kota Lama, she came to me to do nail art. She talked to me, a bit begged for working together with me. The next day, I came to her salon with some nail art pictures. And until now, she didn't even call me, ever!

I waited like, one week, two weeks, three weeks, but no calls. Then I realized that I was fooled. So it was like, I provided the pictures and she gave nothing. Bahasa Indonesianya itu Rugi Bandar. Iya, saya yang rugi bandar. I never had such bad thought that somebody would have bad motive to fool me that way. I came to her salon just like I proposed for merging Velvet with her, in fact it was the opposite. Ah, masa lalu yang pahit, sekali.

I have one favorite place to buy olos in Pagongan. I have to pass this salon everytime I want to buy olos there. And everytime I pass this salon, the only thing crosses on my mind is I want to bomb that place and dance Gangnam Style happily in front of the flame. Let it be.

Dan untuk menghibur diri, biasanya pikiran ini yang muncul, "wis, Vel. amal..."

Yang ketiga, ini yang paling konyol sepanjang saya pernah dikibulin orang. Makanya saya nulisnya pale Bahasa Indonesia aja. Pengen pake Bahasa Tegal aja malah. Tapi ntar kali ada yang ngga paham, akhirnya pake Bahasa Indonesia. Panggil saja namanya Kebongce (bukan nama sebenarnya)

Jadi suatu hari kebongce sms saya minta jadi reseller. Terus lanjut ngobrol di whatsapp, dan saya minta email kebongce buat saya kirim terms and condition untuk jadi reseller. Eh terus, kebongce minta pin BBM saya noh. Akhirnya saya kirim terms and condition lewat BBM. Saya sih positif aja kaya kalo saya ngobrol sama client yang lain. Kalo ada pertanyaan ya saya jawab, kalo nggak jelas ya saya jelasin sampe sejelas-jelasnya. Dan sumpah demi apapun, saya ngga punya pikiran negatif sedikitpun saat itu.

Terus setelah baca terms and condition (kalo baca loh), she said ribet yah syaratnya. Ya kali, ribet -_-
Dan Kebongce memutuskan untuk batal jadi reseller. Cek, sampe sini jelas kan alur ceritanya?

Nah, terus kebongce nge-like fanpage Velvet di facebook. Saya selalu cek siapa yang like fanpage Velvet. Nah, shock lah saya pas ngeliat salah satu foto produk saya dipake jadi cover foto kebongce ini. Sekarang sih udah ngga, tapi ini nih fotonya

JRENG!!! Unyu banget kan Kebongce ini?? Silakan disawang~

Saat itu saya masih biasa aja, kali aja ngefans. Itu pikiran saya. Terus tarik ke bawah, liat timeline-nya. Nah, ada share dari satu online shop yang disinyalir milik Kebongce. I'm not going to mention any name, just check it yourself.

See, bahkan cover photo-nya pake foto produk saya loh.

Saya cek album fotonya yang isinya foto produk saya semua. In my mind, girl, you choose wrong contender. Pep and I were known as Detektif Tanpa Plang when we were in Junior High School.

I mean, do you think she thought I would never find these ones out?

Akhirnya saya cerita ke Twins tentang ini dan Twins kasih saran biar diworo-woro di facebook dan di manapun. Kata Twins itung-itung fans. Akhirnya saya woro-woro noh di facebook. Karena saya juga ngga terima. Kata Diandra, klien saya, "Curang banget, ngga jadi reseller tapi pake fotonya"

It is stated clearly on the terms and conditions that the ones who are allowed to use my pictures are the resellers, the official resellers! Saya tau, kalopun Kebongce ini nantinya ada order, mungkin akan order di saya juga. Tapi dia bukan reseller saya, jadi dia ngga berhak pake foto saya, bahkan saat semua udah ada watermark-nya. How dare you!?

Kalopun ngga jasi reseller tapi pengen jualin ya at least ijin gitu, nggak seenaknya gitu. Dan bisa dicek, itu kayak hampir semuanya deh diambil, bahkan foto di twitter yang nggak saya pos di Facebook juga ikutan diambil dan diupload tanpa ijin. Dan apakah saya nggak berhak marah???

Ini foto album online shopnya kebongce

Nails art, how cute! Yes, those all are mine!

You can even see my fingers there. And watermarks on every single photo
Lucu aja. Kadang saat saya lagi browsing dan ngeliat ada orang yang jualan kuku palsu atau nail art pake foto orang, yang ada di otak saya, that's really not professional. I mean, using others' photos and use them illegally. Dan sekarang itu menimpa saya. Mungkin ini kali yah yang dirasain pemilik foto kalo fotonya dipake tanpa ijin? I felt it.

Saya pernah nulis di satu post yang ngomongin masalah professioanlism tentang orang yang make foto orang lain seenaknya, dan di sisi lain ada juga yang sepenuh hati berusaha make hasil karya sendiri. Check this one out: Professionalism

Saya woro-woro di BBM malem-malem, sampe saya yang saat itu udah ngantuk jadi beringas lagi nggak kepikiran tidur.

Ini pas saya woro-woro di facebook.

Nah, di foto terakhir itu muncul titik terang dari siapa orang ini. Ya, I know memang nggak boleh jahat juga.. Tapi, Kebongce ini jahat duluan loh. Dan dia ini masih kecil, kelahiran 98 as stated on her BBM. Anak kecil jaman sekarang~

So, I asked for help from everyone to report those two accounts. Liat di foto aja deh namanya siapa aja, saya nggak akan nulis nama Kebongce di sini, ngga pengen aja.

Terus, kakak saya ikut meramaikan tuh, akun yang namanya Pe Handayani, itu kakak saya. Komen begitu, saya heran dong, "How come she has such a friend?". Saya penasaran, pake banget. Begitu kakak saya pulang kerja, saya tanyalah.

V: Sapa sih mba?
I: Kayane, PACARE, OB-NE (Office Boy), MBA IKA (Nama kakak saya Ika)
V: *Ngakak ora mandeg-mandeg*
V: Dalem hati "IRONIS"

Kakak saya pasti nge-klik dong nama dan url yang disebutkan di atas. Terus emang di facebook nama pertama itu, ada foto kebongce sama cowo (yang disinyalir sebagai cowoknya). Dan dalam kasus ini saya bener-bener dapet pelajaran kalo Dunia ini kecil sekali, ternyata.

Malemnya, saya cerita sama Twins. Twins pun ngakak-ngakak. Merlin tanya kasus ini, dan saya ceritain juga ngakak-ngakak. Jare Merlin, "Compong! Isa pacare OBE Loh!"

Entah apa ini namanya, saya juga nggak habis pikir. Saya mau konfrontasi ke orangnya, tapi saya udah ilfil duluan. Bahasa Tegalnya tuh "Kaku". Jadi Silly, konyol gitu. Because it is!

Kata didi (Diandra), ditanya aja kenapa pake foto nggak ijin. ada juga yang ngasih saran buat ketemuan sama Kebongce. Saya sih takut kalo ujungnya saya jambak-jambakin anak ini kalo sampe saya ketemuin. Saya jago banget soalnya kalo suruh begitu. Tapi, ini nih kata sisi baik saya, isin umur Vel, bocah cilik ka dilawongi. Ajaib banget kan. Itu kah bukti kalo saya tambah dewasa? Hak!

Kalo mau bantu report ke facebook juga ngga papa kok. Seriusan.

Di post sebelumnya saya nulis tentang Amna. Untuk Amna sendiri, saya yakin dia real. I checked her existence through Google and I found out that she's American working in Dubai. Selain itu, well, ngapain juga kalo mau ngerjain pake telpon dari luar negeri segala, Dan buat saya, walaupun saya nggak kerja untuk Amna, tapi itu jadi satu hiburan buat saya yang terlalu sering dikibulin orang. I should be more aware, I know.

Itu tuh kayak, obat buat saya. Finally, good thing happened to me. Itu yang selalu ada di pikiran saya tiap kali saya inget Amna dan tawaran kerjanya.

Kata Umi, karena saya sering dikibulin orang, mendingan saya jualan sendiri aja, nggak usah pake reseller-reseller-an. Tapi, saya masih berharap ada orang di luar sana yang tidak seperti mereka yang udah ngibulin saya. Kalopun mau ngajak kerja sama ya yang bener, biar sama-sama enak. Nggak mengawali kerja sama itu dengan niat yang nggak baik. Karena saya sangat positif, dan saya nggak suka positive thinking saya ini disalahgunakan orang yang dari awal udah berniat nggak baik sama saya. Ini yang bikin saya pada akhirnya sulit percaya sama orang lain, karena saya merasa punya cukup alasan untuk melakukan itu dari semua yang udah pernah saya alami dan mungkin anda nggak pernah mengalami itu.

That's all. Wish me and Velvet luck ke depannya.

"I'm an expert in separating my life and business life. Thus, I separate anything. I'm not using my facebook to sell the product, and make a fanpage instead. Two twitter accounts, two instagram accounts, and planning to whatsapp (but Velvet's whatsapp is rarely active), two line accounts (mine is rarely active). But still one BBM pin. I'm planning to buy a new blackberry, the cheapest one, as replacement of my broken phone. Then when my phone is handed to me, I'll have two BBM pins, private one and business one. I am not into mixing my life and business life into one."

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At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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