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The Friendship Stories: Chapter 1

First thing first, it's always good to come back here when the world is getting suck, sucker than it was. I didn't mean to just be here when I'm not feeling good, but mostly that's what I do. The truth is, I can't come here often because my laptop is having some trouble accessing Google-related websites. I can't even access gmail, google+, and blogger. Here I am using my sister's laptop to post and say hi.

The bad thing is, when I'm facing Blogger to just post something, then it seems like I run out of ideas. I'm confused what to write about. I might be writing about some trips I had earlier this year or a trip I had last week with my family attending my eldest sister's graduation. I might be writing about some event I had sometime in August and September. I might be writing about some experience back then in 2013. Or, just write one plain post about how I am feeling right now for being left alone by the bitches who graduated last month.

Actually I am planning to show you tons of photos I took and then gonna talk about friendship stories. So, let me just tell you by the words.

In my life, honestly, my first friendship story started 10 years ago when I was in junior high school. I met these girls, Danti and Etsa. Just like any other 7 graders who just entered a new world of friendship, we went anywhere together. We went to the cafetaria together. We sat in the same row so we could still chat during the lesson. When the teacher mentioned group work, then we would see each other and smiled like we promised to never ever let the teacher pairing us with anyone else. When it should be four students in a group then we insisted to work in three.

Til one day Etsa got some stupid injury in the morning which made her hospitalized for days, we visited her and cried for her like we would never let anything bad happen to us. What I mean with stupid injury is that she fell down from the bed when she woke up in the morning and caused her hand injured. She should write using her left hand til her right hand recovered.

Once she went to school, then somebody entered our friendship story. Someone named Ike. Etsa sat with her in her first day after the accident. To be honest, Danti and I couldn't accept her easily in our friendship then. For me personally, I can't get along with somebody easily, I hardly get comfortable with people. Another thing is when I think somebody belongs to me, I can't share her/him with anyone, And Ike was like an intruder in my friendship. But sooner or later, we accepted her. We even had a name for our gank, We called it VIDE, Veli, Ike, Danti, Etsa. Funny, isn't it?

Yes, ternyata saya pernah alay juga.

When we were in 9th grade, our gank grew bigger. We also got closer with some buddies. We sat at the back of the class. We had Gineng, Ucup, Azka, Abenk, Ipank, Ojan, Zuzul, Ryan. We were the QUEEN! Yeah! Hahaha

Fortunately, we were all qualified as smart students, so we got to enter the same high school then, except Gineng. He continued his study in SMA 1 Solo, til then he went to The States.

Things started to change. Everything should be static and happy, but somebody chose to go. Ike, Danti, and I remained together. Even until now.

Truth be told, sometimes I'm dying for missing the one who left us. Yes, I miss you, multiple times.

And it's been ten years with Danti and Ike. Or I'll call them Pep and Rora, We have these such cutie names to call each on another. Pep. Penk. Rora. Roro.

Another friendship story I have was back then in 11th grade. Her name is Ayuni. I think I knew her since junior high school. She was my cousin's friend. But we didn't know each other. I called her Twins, but now I call her Nyah, Nyonyah. She's practically one year younger than me, We are both Gemini,

Sometimes, in a friendship story, there's another friendship story, and the branches keep growing everytime we are getting in a new society and we've no one to talk to. And when we know someone who can connect with us, we'll develop that friendship thingy with this person we have a lot of things in common with.

Twins and I still contact til now. I owe her a lot. She helped me fixing Levi by bringing him to Lenovo Service Center in Semarang when he was sick.

Those are my friendship stories in Junior High and High School.

I can't believe I've been spending 10 years with Pep and Rora, and it's still growing. The thing is, we never really take time to take photos everytime we have time to spend together. I think I can write a lot of things about Pep and Rora til the dawn.

The only gank photo we had was when we were in 7th grade. A photo with complete members. Then we never had another one. We took our driving license photos instead of our photo when were together. I think I should show you sometime. It's not we didn't want to take a shot. Maybe it's because we enjoy our time to share the laughter like there's no tomorrow. We shouldn't show anything to anyone.

Iya, kita nongkrong bareng saat Pep and Rora di Tegal. We went to places, but we never really took a picture together. Nggak perlu show off juga. Karena friendship itu adanya di hati.

I'll post another friendship thingy menginjak saya masuk kuliah. Iya, ada cabangnya lagi.

Buat saya pribadi, sesungguhnya persahabatan dimulai ketika kita nggak lagi rutin ketemu atau terpaksa ketemu karena keharusan (sekolah, kuliah misalnya). Karena saat ketemu karena keharusan, ya, friendship is easy peasy. Tapi kalo udah pisah, we know who our true friends are. Saat udah pisah, ini saatnya kita untuk maintain agar hubungan ini nggak putus di jalan. It's hard to do. Kayak pacaran long distance, tapi sama beberapa orang sekaligus.

Saya, Pep, Rora. Saya dan Nyonyah. Kita bahkan kadang cuma ketemu sekali setahun. Tapi, kami tetap sahabat. Kami nggak saling memanggil dengan kata-kata manis tuh. Karena saat kita kenal dulu, kita nggak pernah gitu. We don't do sweet things.

Saat saya bertemu Pep dan Rora, saya merasa muda lagi dan kembali ke masa-masa 10 tahun yang lalu. Karena basically, kami masih sama. Kami masih sama konyolnya. Saya nggak pernah merasa tua saat bersama mereka berdua. Karena kami tumbuh bersama.

Kadang saya percaya, di dunia ini bukan cuma ngga ada mantan anak. Tapi, mantan sahabat pun sebenernya ngga pernah secara nyata ada. Karena rasa kehilangan itu yang sering bikin saya merasa masih terikat sama seseorang. Iya, kamu.

Okay, ini tulisan Chapter 1. Next time, saya lanjutin chapter lainnya.

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